Reasons and remedies for a key stuck in ignition.

keys stuck in ignition

A key stuck in ignition is not a very common occurrence. The automotive industry has changed a lot over the years.

A guide for brake maintenance with brake pad grease.

man applying brake pad grease

To effectively apply brake pad grease, there are a few things that need to catch your attention. Firstly, apply grease on the back

How to identify and resolve electrical issues with the car.

Car engine battery causing electrical issues with the car

Electrical issues with the car are a major concern because most modern cars depend on proper conduction of electric current.

The meaning of reduced engine power warning.

Reduced engine power dashboard warning light

In modern cars the reduced engine power warning light comes on during a drive to cut engine power supply.

Common reasons why the car shakes while driving.

Hands on steering wheel in car with car shakes

Undertaking regular car maintenance is one of the easiest ways to avoid the car shakes. Car vibrating may be experienced in three instances; when idle, accelerating and when you hit the brakes.