Brake pads on a car | Safety is very important.

Porsche GTRS3

The inclusion of brake pads on a car braking system is an important component. They should be inspected regularly and replaced when necessary.

Car battery replacement time | Find out now, when to say goodbye

Ford focus battery under the hood

Knowing the car battery replacement time could save you from being stranded due to a dead battery. These are the warning signs to look out for.

Car battery voltage | How to check its Lifespan & performance.

Car battery Voltage measurement

Car battery voltage is estimated at 12-Volt. You can measure this and extend the battery lifespan. Voltage also affects car engine running performance.

Signs of a bad car battery | Before it’s too late.

Testing car battery to see signs of a bad car battery

Its possible to spot the signs of a bad car battery before the battery voltage is finished completely. This will save you from getting stranded by avoiding breakdown.

How to disconnect a car battery | The proper way

How to disconnect a car battery under the hood

Learn how to disconnect a car battery incase of a jumpstart incident or if its lifespan is over. There are necessary tools to use and steps to observe.

Car battery life | how long does a car battery last.

Toyota battery under the hood

The car battery life is a limited one. But this depends on your battery type amongst other factors. For example, car battery maintenance measures.