What is spark plug fouling?

Spark plug

To prevent spark plug fouling you will need to regularly inspect and clean them. This will prevent carbon buildup and other issues that lead to fouling.

Symptoms of bad spark plugs.

Spark plugs

Difficulty starting the engine, rough idling or stalling, decreased fuel efficiency, engine misfires are some of the symptoms of bad spark plugs.

Bad ignition coil symptoms.

Ignition coils

Worn or faulty spark plugs can sometimes exhibit similarity to bad ignition coil symptoms. Inspect both components when facing engine issues.

Uncover truth about the car ignition.

Car start ignition

Difficulty starting the engine, frequent stalling, or strange noises during startup are an indication that something is wrong with the car ignition.

New findings about steering linkage.

Vehicle Steering linkage

The lifespan of a steering linkage can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and environmental conditions.

Rack and pinion bad symptoms.

Rack and Pinion Power Steering.

There are several rack and pinion bad symptoms are caused by wear over time, lack of proper lubrication, contamination, significant accident.