Auto lube system | Revolutionary technology for better engine performance.

An auto lube system is equipped with a controller, pump, injector, divider valves and other accessories. Additionally, an automatic lubrication system is an automatic system in which oil is mixed with fuel automatically.

It is common in a two stroke engine and it eliminates the manual pre-mixing of oil and fuel. Low engine oil will be an hinderance for the oil pump to automatically distribute it through out the engine.

The oil is contained in a reservoir which needs to be refilled periodically. It is a common system amongst motorcycle engines. In the auto lube system, there is a separate oil reservoir which supplies the cylinder with oil as per the speed of the engine.

Types of automatic lubrication systems.

There are two types of auto lube systems that are suitable for heavy equipment for mining or construction, industrial machinery, agricultural equipment and automobiles.

a]. Centralized auto lube systems.

This involves the use of a single central lubrication pump. This lubrication pump delivers lubricant to multiple lubrication points. The advantage is that this set up is a cost effective system.

b]. Decentralized automatic lubrication systems.

Secondly, the decentralized system is able to deliver lubricant to one single lubrication point through a self-sufficient unit. Therefore, if there are many lubrication points, there will be a number of multiple auto lube units.

It is a much more expensive set up in comparison to the central auto lube system. Because it uses multiple tubing, lubrication pump, metering units and other parts in order to serve every single lubrication point.

Best automatic lubrication systems providers.

Automatic lubrication systems are set ups that deliver precise amounts of engine oil to machines or vehicles at pre-determined intervals. The lubrication equipment delivers lubricant from the reservoir according to the lubrication program. The reservoir is refilled as per the oil change requirements.

a]. Auto-Lube Services Incorporated.

A leader within the lubrication technology industry is the Auto-Lube Services Incorporated organization. They boost of installing over 3,000 mobile off-road lubrication systems.

Their lubrication management have been adopted by long haul, waste and trash truck , municipal fleet trucks and equipment and fire apparatus. Further their lubrication technicians work on manufacturing industry equipment.

b]. Graco.

Graco is a company that deals with a number of automobile service products. Part of their portfolio is the Graco automatic oil and grease lubrication systems.

Through their lubrication system, they serve on-road trucks and heavy equipment. Graco provides both centralized and decentralized lubrication systems. Their centralized grease system is suitable for vehicles, buses, fire trucks, cement trucks, waste haulers and more.

Benefits of the auto lube system technology.

  • Better performance of machines and equipment.

Because of the timely availability of lubricant, the machines are under less wear that is caused by friction.

  • More productivity.

Automatic lubrication does not rely on personal intervention therefore the machine runs without stopping even as lubricant is being applied.

  • A longer equipment and machine lifespan.

Machines and equipment need the functions of oil like lubrication, cleaning and protection. The automatic lubrication system avails lubricant at the right time therefore ensuring that the operations take place under the right conditions.

  • Lower maintenance costs.

When you compare the automatic lubrication system with a manual lube system, the automatic one has less maintenance costs. Because the manual lubrication system requires labor costs repeatedly for lube services.

  • Reduced safety concerns.

The automatic lube system is such that there is a minimum interaction between the machine and the lubrication specialist. Therefore, there is a reduction in the risk of injury during manual lubrication when you adapt an automatic lubrication system.

Types of lubricants used in auto lube systems.

There are a number of different types of lubricants that can be suitable for any auto lube systems. The difference shows up depending on the method of production and the components of the lubricants.

a]. Mineral oils.

The mineral oils are obtained from crude oil and their production is done by some of the best oil brands. Mineral oil is suitable for older engines or engines that have large mileage.

Further, this oil’s viscosity is low meaning that it flows at a slower rate in comparison to the other types of engine oil. The mineral oil offers protection, cleaning and lubrication. Protection comes from the oil’s ability to create a thin film around moving engine parts.

b]. Synthetic oils.

Secondly, the synthetic oils are man made using mineral oils and other oil additives. Their components are tuned to offer better cleaning, protection and lubrication properties.

Synthetic oils will have improved operation capacity under extreme heat or cold temperatures. Further, when the engine is carrying heavy loads, the synthetic oil will serve the engine better than mineral oil.

c]. Greases.

These are semi solid lubricants that add protection and lubrication to the moving parts of engines, machines and equipment. Grease is made from a mixture of oil and thickener additives. These are great alternatives for preventing engine oil leakage.

d]. Biodegradable oils.

They have a unique structure that is environment friendly because these oils brake down naturally over time. Therefore, these oils are not used in common machines and equipment because of the components. They are used in machines that operate in environmentally sensitive areas like forests and water reservoirs.

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