Best car engine oil brands.

There are a number of oil brands on the shelves that may confuse a buyer who’s in search for the best car engine oil brands for their vehicle.

If you don’t have an idea of the brand to go for, you’re in the right place. Here we will go through those car engine oil brands offering high quality oil that you can trust.

We agree that every car owner wants oil from the best car engine oil brands because good oil is essential for excellent engine performance. Oil serves the engine in various capacities in reducing friction, cooling and offering lubrications amongst other car engine oil functions.

For you to maintain proper engine functionality, you will need to undertake oil changes in between the recommended miles. This will reduce the accumulation of sludge as well as keeping the oil in a good operative condition. Ensure that you use a dip stick to check oil levels to ensure that there is sufficient oil before driving off.

Bottom line;

The car oil brands classify their oils as either mineral, high mileage, synthetic and full synthetic oils. This classification indicates a variation in the oil’s properties. But that’s not our day’s focus.

Lets explore;

1. Mobil.

Mobil car engine oil brands

This is a reputable brand that is famous for a wide range of lubricants inclusive of gear lubricants, motor oils, transmission fluids, oil filters and grease.

Mobil is one of the earlier developers of synthetic oil products. Meaning that their products have undergone modifications over the years to make them effective in fulfilling various roles.

Their products aim at improving engine operations as well as increasing the engine’s lifespan. You will find that their products are very effective at serving the intended purpose.

Further their products are diversified to suit different types of vehicles and bikes. Additionally, some of their products are custom to suit different vehicle models.

Mobil car engine oil products adhere to the Society of Automotive Engineers specifications in relation to the viscosity index among other requirements. Further they adopt advanced lubricant technology to ensure that the Mobil products are suitable for use in modern vehicles.

Their products have been spread through out different world markets thanks to their effective supply chain. Mobil has been in existence since 1911.

2. Shell.

Shell car engine oil brands

In some circles, this organization is known as the world’s number one lubricant supplier. Their presence is available in over one hundred countries. If you have travelled around, you may have spotted a shell petrol station which is a retail outlet for their lubricants.

Their lubricant products are ranked amongst the best in the market. This is attributed to their adoption of top class technology during product configuration.

According to the Kline & Company 18th Edition Global Lubricants Market Analysis and Assessment 2021 Shell has been the number one lubricant distributer for 14 years consecutively. Kline & Company is an organization that monitors the global lubricant’s market.

Another factor that puts shell on top is the fact that approximately 10 vehicle manufacturers chose them as their lubricant supplier. This contributes to the enormous market share held by Shell. You can trust their oil products to serve your vehicle’s needs.

3. BP.

BP car engine Oil brand

They are well established oil and gas company. BP has a British origin and their headquarters are based in London England. Further BP is ranked amongst the world’s top 10 oil and gas companies.

They present in approximately more than 80 countries globally. They have invested heavily in technology for oil production. Which makes their products reliable in offering the desired properties to serve your vehicle’s needs.

4. Valvoline.

Valvoline best car engine oil

They are a prominent commercial and industrial lubricant producer who have in operation since the year 1866. Despite the brand being a subsidiary of Ashland Inc. (since 1949) it has been consistent in offering high quality oil products.

Their oil products are suitable for daily driving vehicles. That’s because they offer prominent engine protection and lubrication. Further their products are able to offer longer life span service for the engine in between oil changes.

Their oil covers a wide viscosity range that suits different machine needs. Further, it is suitable for high mileage vehicles as well as new engines. A classification of their products varies from high mileage oil, full synthetic oil, mineral oil and synthetic oil.

Valvoline has adopted technology that helps in the formation of oil that has suitable additives. These additives help in fighting sludge which keeps the engine clean. Additionally, the additives are very effective in preventing engine wear and tear. So you can be sure that your engine is fully protected.

5. Castrol.


Their oil is very efficient as it provides the vehicle’s engine with longer lifespan protection. They have been around since 1899 and they have constantly improved their oil products.

The adoption of modern technology in their oil production process has helped to create quality products. For example, the Castrol GTX oil is one of the best conventional motor oil according to consumer reports.

Castrol oil products offer superior engine cleaning capabilities. This is thanks to the additives that prevent sludge accumulation as well as helping with particle removal from the engine’s metallic parts.

You can trust Castrol to protect your engine from common engine issues. Castrol engine oil is able to serve you for long mileage. The oil’s lubrication capacity is able to prevent friction which protects the engine from wear and tear.

6. AC Delco.

AC Delco

This is an American oil brand that is chosen by several vehicle manufacturers. For example, GMC and Cadillac. They are top producers of car care products, fluids and oil products.

Their engine oil incorporates advanced engine oil additives technology to ensure that the oil offers superior services. The detergent additives create a cleaning effect for the oil as it prevents the accumulation of sludge.

The oil is compatible with advanced modern engines due to the high quality. Additionally, they produce a variety of oil products that vary in additives, viscosity and oil oxidation properties.

7. STP.

They produce a range of mineral, synthetic, full synthetic and high mileage oil products. This brand isn’t as popular as other oil brands but their oil products provide high quality properties.

Further, their products are very pocket friendly with a price range of $2.88 to $61.86. Apart from oil products, they also produce oil filters of high quality.

You can count on their oil to offer your engine protection, cleaning and lubrication. Engine protection is because the oil creates a coating on the engine’s metal which sticks even when the engine is switched off. Without a doubt the oil is suitable for cleaning the engine as it

Further, STP oil comes with additives that can be very effective at preventing sludge accumulation within the engine. The detergents additives allow particles to float in the oil which allows the oil filter to remove them before oil is circulated around the engine block.

8. Amazon Basics Motor Oil.

Amazon basics motor oil

They are quite new in the automobile oil market. They are a line of oil products from Amazon that appears to be growing in the market over time.

Their oil products are known for offering engine cleaning properties. This is based on the detergent and dispersants additives that prevent the accumulation of sludge in the engine. The dispersants prevent the oil from absorbing the dirt particles hence making it easy for the oil to be cleaned by the oil filters.

The oil’s properties are thermal resistant to prevent it from being affected by extreme temperature. Which makes the oil suitable for cold engine start. Additionally, the oil is able to withstand high temperatures during high engine RPM.

9. Motorcraft.

motorcraft oil

This oil is a great alternative if you don’t find the other brands on the shelve. When choosing the best oil for petrol and diesel engine cars this is a great oil brand to go for.

The company supplies the market with lubricants, oil filters and other automotive industry based products. The brand produces full synthetic oil, synthetic and mineral oils.

These oil products will usually offer lubrication for your engine. Hence, they are good for preventing engine wear and tear.

Further, the oil provides engine cleaning properties that keep your engine parts from accumulating sludge which might lead to engine problems. Motorcraft engine oil is quite affordable with a price range from $4.10 to $20.52.

10. Carquest.

This company is a producer of motor industry products like fluids, oils, break pads and rotors. They have a partnership with various automobile manufacturers whereby they supply them with products.

Their oil products are made to suit modern engines. That’s because Carquest has adapted modern technology in the manufacture of their oil products.

The oil has additives that protect the engine parts from rust by creating a coating over the engine parts. Further the oil’s additives help in engine cleanup by removing the particles from the engine’s metal surface.

Temperature resistance is one of the carquest oil product characteristics. That’s because the product is made with modern technology to suit cold engine start and to withstand high temperatures.

Additionally the oxidation properties of Carquest oil help to ensure that it stays in a good condition for long mileage. So you don’t have to undertake frequent oil changes.

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