What is a fuel injector?

car engine Fuel Injectors

Given the hike in fuel prices. If you’re out for better fuel efficiency, then answering the question of what is a fuel injector is quite important to you.

Multi point fuel injection (MPFI): Better fuel efficiency

Vehicle at a gas station

multi point fuel injection are either simultaneous or multiport and their main difference is seen in relation to where the fuel injector deliver fuel.

Exploring the Essentials of brake system parts.

Brake system parts

Brake system parts work simultaneously to slow down and stop the car. Mechanical, hydraulic and regenerative brake systems.

Types of Car Headlights

Toyota type of headlights

The types of car headlights vary in relation to cost, durability, brightness, functionality amongst other differences that you need to consider.

Types of headlight bulbs

Porsche headlights

The difference between different types of headlight bulbs is seen when we consider the brightness level, amount of energy efficiency, and lifespan.

Car maintenance at 100,000 miles.

Car maintenance at repair shop

Car maintenance at 100,000 miles involves inspection of components and replacement of faulty parts in order to achieve performance goals.

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