Car caliper cost | How to get the best deal.

Car caliper cost depend on various factors. In this article we are going to list some of them. Just so that you score a great deal during brake caliper replacement.

Calipers will usually last through out the car’s lifetime. But in order for this to be so, their components need some maintenance.

For example, you need to apply grease on caliper pins and replace the worn out brake pads. This will ensure a long lasting caliper pin.

How much should you expect to pay for a caliper?

On average, the caliper replacement cost will add up to approximately $200 to $600 per wheel. The difference in figures is because of some factors such as

  • Type of vehicle.
  • Repair shop charges.
  • Labor charges.
  • Single piston or dual piston caliper.

Amongst other factors like the number of calipers you’re going to replace. It is advisable that you replace calipers on both the left and right wheels. For example; left and right front wheel caliper.

Otherwise, the new caliper will cause the vehicle to pull onto one side. Which is one of the signs that indicate when to replace a brake caliper.

Additionally, replacing both calipers ensures that the vehicle’s braking is even on both the left and right side.

Here is a chat of estimates for OEM car calipers replacement costs.

VehicleBrake caliper costLabor cost
Toyota Camry $57.99-$275.99$102-$227
Chevy Silverado $51.45-$378$99-$245
Jeep Wrangler$29.99-$237$105-$428
Ford Focus$46.99-$140$105-$234
Toyota Corolla$32.49-$195$95-$254
Volkswagen Passat$67-$588$150-$274
Ford F150$26.99-$489.99$140-$264
Honda CRV$27.99-$681.99$185-$356
Honda Civic$31.99-$257.99$125-$260
Honda Accord$31.99-$248.99$115-$190
BMW X3$62-$362$140-$545

There are people who like to have a hands on approach to this

What is a car caliper kit?

Once you decide to undertake a caliper replacement, there are other parts that you will also replace. The following are some of them

When you’re undertaking a replacement of brake caliper, then you have to replace the brake pads.

The car caliper kit includes all the parts of a car caliper. All of which you can find in the definition of what is a brake caliper. Some of the parts of are inclusive of:

  • The caliper itself.
  • Caliper bracket.
  • The caliper pistons.
  • Caliper seals.
  • Caliper pins.
  • Brake pads.
  • Caliper pin bushings.
  • Brake rotors.

How much should you expect to pay for a caliper kit?

All of them may not be available in the same kit. That is part of what differentiates the car caliper costs.

There are two types of aftermarket calipers for replacing the OEM calipers;

a] Friction ready car caliper kit.

These are the calipers that do not have pads already installed. They best suitable for situations where the brake pad does not need replacement.

The friction ready caliper kit includes the caliper pin bushings and caliper pins. All you need to do is include the brake pads during installation.

You will also need grease for caliper pins in the installation so that the moving parts can glide smoothly. When installing this on passenger vehicles like sub compact SUVs, you will need around $100.

On the contrary, you will need to several hundred dollars if you’re installing it on commercial vehicles.

b] Loaded brake caliper kit.

This caliper kit usually includes the brake pad. Hence the name loaded. Additionally, it also has the other parts that you have seen above.

If a stuck caliper is the main reason why you have chosen to install this loaded brake caliper kit; Ensure that you do so for tires on both sides. This will have a cost of around  $100 and $500. 

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