For the sake of your pockets, you need to know and avoid some of the reasons why the car consumes more fuel.

Lets face it, fuel prices rarely go down by a significant amount of money.

Simply because fuel efficiency is very important when you’re choosing a vehicle.

Secondly and more obviously, it’s because fuel prices are steadily increasing.

Finding out why the car consumes more fuel is a first step in how to reduce fuel consumption.

There are different reasons for your car delivering low fuel mileage.

Some of the reasons could be traced back to issues within the engine causing it to function abnormally.

By reading this article you’re a step closer to diagnosing the issue by yourself.

Some of the reasons why the car consumes more fuel can be corrected by you.

While in other cases, a professional will have to be involved.


Most drivers believe in warming up the vehicle before taking off.

Well, this is not really necessary for the modern-day vehicles.

If the car is going to stay idle for more than a minute, you are advised to turn off the engine.

By doing so you are able to save on fuel.

Switch it back on when you are ready to drive off.

In fact, restarting the engine consumes lesser fuel when compared to idling.


Car consumes more fuel from Air conditioner on dashboard

When your vehicle’s engine is on, it supplies power to the accessories.

Further, for the engine to keep running, it gets power from fuel combustion.

So, if the air conditioner is constantly in use, it strains the engine’s power requirements.

For this reason, the engine will require more fuel combustion to meet the demanded power.

That means more fuel will be combusted hence the car consumes more fuel.


Manual gear

If you own a stick shift vehicle, this point applies to you.

Basically, because the automatic cars gradually change the gear as per the engine’s power.

Constantly driving under a low gear is a reason why the car consumes more fuel.

Additionally, a high gear will also deliver poor fuel mileage.

You need to gauge the amount of power the engine requires according to the momentum.

Just like in the automatic car.


Car at maintenance repair shop

The car needs regular servicing entirely dependent on your driving habits.

On the other hand, most car dealers have a recommendation of the mileage you should observe to service the car.

Alternatively, you shouldn’t neglect the frequent maintenance requirements of the car.

If there is a part that needs to be replaced, go ahead and do it.

If you neglect the maintenance needs, you will experience increased fuel consumption.


Considering the probability that your engine is faulty, increased fuel consumption is inevitable.  

It’s no surprise to find an engine functioning over a few kilometers.

But, some of the components that are associated with fuel combustion could be faulty.

The dashboard warning light will alert you if there is a problem with the engine’s components.

Make sure that you act swiftly. This will save your car from consuming more fuel.   

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