This car ground clearance chart says size matters.

When making a comparison between the different vehicle models, the car ground clearance chart comes to mind. It is essential in relation to load weight support capacity, vehicle comfort and handling.

Additionally, car ground clearance affects the vehicle’s center of gravity. Which determines corner negotiation stability.

So, what exactly is car ground clearance?

Car Ground clearance definition.

We define it as the distance between the vehicle’s lowest point and the ground. It is best to measure this distance when the car is carrying nothing.

After using the vehicle for sometime, this distance may vary from the official specs. That’s the effect of compression on shock absorbers.

Here’s why that’s a problem.

It’s the reason why there is a variance between the official specs and the actual measurement.

I don’t know enough physics to state these next points with utmost certainty.

There are two concepts about ground clearance that you won’t find in the car ground clearance chart.

  • Lower ground clearance is better than high vehicle ground clearance. Because it offers handling and stability advantages.
  • Alternatively, a higher vehicle is better because it offers comfort and improves drivability during muddy weather.

Unless you’re looking for a car with an air suspension system, It’s hard to actually have both at the same time. In fact, even the air suspension is slightly limiting.

The specs are very essential for the driver to understand because they will help you to avoid hitting bumps. This is in relation to the following factors;

  • Approach angle. The angle with which the vehicle sits when approaching a bump or slope without hitting front bumper or sweeping against the road.
  • Departure angle. This involves the vehicle leaving a slope or bump without dragging the rear bumper.
  • Breakover angle. Is whereby the vehicle can pass over the bump without scraping the lowest part of the car.

Additionally, ground clearance is important when comparing the same category of cars.

There’s a hack.

Before we get into the ground clearance chart, take a ruler and crouch under the car. Use the ruler to measure the distance between the ground and the car’s lowest point.

Car ground clearance chart.

Here is a list of several measurements you can use to understand the height of your vehicle.


Bare in mind that these are just estimates. There may be a slight variance.

AMG Hammer 116
Tesla Cybertruck 16
Rivian R1S14.4
Land Rover LR412.2
Land-Rover Range-Rover11.8
Jeep Wrangler 10.8
Toyota Landcruiser8.9
Subaru Outback8.8
Ford Explorer8.2
Audi X58.2
Jeep Cherokee8.2
Ford Eco-sport7.9
Audi Q57.9
Ford escape7.2
BMW X16.7
Audi Q36.7
Tesla Model Y6.6
Audi R8 V10 Coup6.3
Toyota Camri6.3
Aston Martin Vanquish5.8
Honda Accord5.8
Chrysler 2005.8
Ferrari 4585.6
Tesla Model 3 LR5.5
VW Passat5.4
VW Golf5.4
Lambo Huracan5
AUDI A44.9
Mercedes AMG GT63S4.4
Porsche 911 Carrera S4.0
Chevy Corvette C74.0
Aston Martin Virage3.9
Mercedes AMG CLA3.9
MacLaren 675LT3.9
Mercedes AMG SL3.6

It is possible to increase vehicle ride height. If you assess the vehicle ground clearance measurement chart you will notice that SUV ground clearance and Truck ground clearance are the highest.

This gives them off-road capabilities because they can drive over bumpy landscape. Most 4×4 Vehicles have a larger wheelbase and clearance in comparison to the smaller vehicles ground clearance and wheelbase.

By wheelbase we mean the distance between the front vehicle suspension system and the rear suspension. This allows them to have larger tire sizes for vehicle ride height enhancement

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