Sometimes the car won’t start and people assume all sorts of things that could have gone wrong.

When this happens, there are a few things that you can check to gain an understanding of what is causing the issue.

Today we will explore some of the reasons why the car won’t start.

This challenge can face any driver hence the importance of this article is to let you know some legit reasons why the car won’t start.

Some of the reasons why your car won’t start are more common in comparison to others.

So, a little background knowledge will do no harm before you consult a professional. 

Basically, because some of these reasons can be checked and correct by yourself.

Though correcting others may require a professional’s intervention.

While others can be corrected without a professional’s help. For example, a car won’t start on an empty tank and any refill can be done individually.

This article will guide you on what to check in order to understand the common reasons why your car won’t start.

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Dead battery.

There are many reasons why your car battery becomes drained. For example, human error, faulty wiring and clogged battery terminals among others.

Additionally, a dead battery is one of the common reasons why your car won’t start.

You can check if the battery is the problem by assessing some of the vehicle’s electrical appliances like the alarm or the watch.

If these accessories are not working, then the battery could be dead.

Try jump starting the vehicle and if this works, you know that the battery is dying.

Faulty ignition coil.

Ignition coils

When there is a problem with the ignition coil, the engine will just be silent as you try to start the vehicle.

In fact, all you will hear is a grinding sound.

If you observe that the electrical appliances of the vehicle are working then the ignition switch could be the challenge.

A faulty ignition coil will be unable to transform battery voltage into an electrical spark.

This spark will ignite the fuel in order to start the engine.

Clogged Fuel Filter.

Car engine fuel filter

As your vehicle’s mileage increases, there is a possibility that the fuel filter may become clogged.

The engine is exposed to some particle elements that may cause damage within some parts.

So, a clogged fuel filter usually prevents the engine from receiving sufficient fuel.

This forms one of the reasons why the car won’t start. A replacement is the best solution.

Battery terminals corrosion.

Corroded car battery terminals

You can determine if this is the reason why the car won’t start by simply observing the battery’s terminals.

Just look out for some whitish deposits around the battery connections.

If you find some deposits, just clean the terminals carefully to get rid of the corrosions.

Faulty starter.

Car engine Starter

The starter is responsible for transferring electric volts from the battery to reach the engine’s combustion chamber.

This starter will set the engine’s pistons and crankshaft in motion so that the engine starts roaring.

If the starter is faulty, the engine falls silent when you try to turn ignition on.

You will just get a clicking sound when you try to turn on the engine.  

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