Defying accidents: The magic of active car safety sensors.

Dashboard display screen of reverse camera in active car safety sensors

Active car safety sensors are built to offer input during the act of driving. These car safety features minimize the chances of accidents and collision.

The ultimate guide to mastering intelligent parking assist systems.

Dashboard screen display in reverse parking assist system

The future of automotive parking is the intelligent parking assist systems. Smart parking systems takes full control of the car controls for parking maneuvers

Car battery replacement time | Find out now, when to say goodbye

Ford focus battery under the hood

Knowing the car battery replacement time could save you from being stranded due to a dead battery. These are the warning signs to look out for.

Car battery voltage | How to check its Lifespan & performance.

Car battery Voltage measurement

Car battery voltage is estimated at 12-Volt. You can measure this and extend the battery lifespan. Voltage also affects car engine running performance.

Signs of a bad car battery | Before it’s too late.

Testing car battery to see signs of a bad car battery

Its possible to spot the signs of a bad car battery before the battery voltage is finished completely. This will save you from getting stranded by avoiding breakdown.

Car battery life | how long does a car battery last.

Toyota battery under the hood

The car battery life is a limited one. But this depends on your battery type amongst other factors. For example, car battery maintenance measures.