Cabin air filter replacement how often.

Car HVAC system vents

Dirty cabin air filters can accumulate dust, pollen and pollutants. Cabin air filter replacement how often it’s done depends on several things.

Rear differential fluid.

Rear axle

Rear differential fluid facilitates the transferring engine power to the wheels. It acts as a lubricant to reduce friction caused by moving gears.

Fuel injection cleaning. How to DIY.

car engine Fuel injection system

Is fuel injection cleaning a DIY task? It involves the use of fuel injection cleaning kit. Additionally, knowledge about your engine setup is essential.

Car running hot but not overheating: Strong reasons why

Car engine temperature gauge dashboard display

When dealing with a car running hot but not overheating, you need check the coolant levels as well as the thermostat for temperature regulation.

Car maintenance at 100,000 miles.

Car maintenance at repair shop

Car maintenance at 100,000 miles involves inspection of components and replacement of faulty parts in order to achieve performance goals.

Car maintenance schedule: mileage vs. time

Car maintenance at the repair shop

Car maintenance schedule is either mileage-based or time-based. It helps drivers to identify and rectify potential sources of problems in your car.

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