Check engine light: How to recognize and fix this problem.

Cheng engine light dashboard warning

The check engine light has several causes that prevent your car from running smoothly. Regular car maintenance can prevent these causes.

How to apply brake grease

Ferrari car brakes

Ensure safer braking and extend the life of your drum brake and disc brake by knowing how to apply brake grease properly.

You didn’t know where to apply brake pad grease.

Brake Pad Where to apply brake pad grease

Knowing where to apply brake pad grease during brake replacement reduces friction and offers extended life of brake pads.

Easy steps to clean car suspension parts.

To clean a car suspension parts and tires

To clean car suspension parts you have to know the type of suspension system and it’s constituent parts. This will help you to navigate around the areas that are very dirty without causing damage.

Car won’t jumpstart. | Dead battery among 7 other reasons.

Charging a car battery when car won't jumpstart

A dead car battery, faulty alternator, empty fuel tank among other reasons are good explanations why the car won’t jumpstart.

Car keeps dying | How to jumpstart your car.

Jumpstarting a car battery

Knowledge is power so knowing how to jumpstart your car could empower your attempt to move from one location to the next.

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