Cost to powder coat brake calipers: an overdue upgrade.

Considering the cost to powder coat brake calipers in comparison to the benefits, I’d say it is worth it. There are several ways to upgrade your brake calipers inclusive of getting brake caliper covers.

Some people will opt for painting the calipers while others will go for a powder coat. This article performs a comparison between them both.

When you understand what is a brake caliper, you will get to know the parts that are involved in this process. For example, the caliper pin, caliper seal, caliper piston, brake pad amongst others.

In fact, there are people who will go to the full extent of even powder coating the car rims. Others prefer brake caliper powder coating than installing caliper covers.

Alright, let’s get to it.

What is powder coating?

This is a way of coating a surface with a solid durable finish. The coating itself is a free flowing dry powder that is applied electronically.

Afterwards, it undergoes the process of powder coating curing under ultraviolet light or heat. The end of this process achieves a finish that it tougher and harder than conventional paint.

The toughness means that it can withstand the test of elements such as acids, atmospheric moisture and extreme weather conditions. Further it can also withstand the test of time with a minimum change in its appearance.

Recent technological advancements have helped with the increase in materials that can be powder coated. They used to be metals but now the plastics and carbon fibers can get powder coating.

How much does it cost to powder coat brake calipers?

You may consult different platforms like Bone Head Performance, Thumbtack and Powder coating unlimited. They will show you a varying number but a closely related number.

Using such estimates will help you to draw to a conclusion about the approximate cost to powder coat brake calipers. Let us look at price ranges from some of these platforms.

a] Thumbtack.

In order to get a powder coating specialist on Thumbtack, you will need approximately $75 to $4000 dollars. Quite the price range we have there.

This price range is not purely for the powder coating service of brake calipers. It involves a wide range of items that require powder coating.

For example, to hire professionals to coat a bicycle or chair will cost approximately $75 up to $100. While hiring them to coat a vehicle or it’s tires will cost anywhere between $100 up to $3000.

Thumbtack clearly states that the cost of powder coating wheels is between $400 up to $700.

b] Bonehead Performance.

They deal with different types of coating. For example, ceramic coating, high performance coating, powder coating amongst others.

Bonehead performance powder coating prices include a wide range of services. For example Masking all threads, stripping, powder coating cleaning, degreasing and coating parts.

The powder coating colors will attract an additional 50% charge due to being a two step coating process. This two step coating process increases the powder coating thickness.

Further, they are very clear that pricing will include the prep work.

It costs you between $40 up to $60 to powder coat brake calipers. But this is a price estimation that depends on a number of things. For example, the number of brake caliper pistons.

c] Powder coat unlimited.

They promise their customers powder coat durability for each of their packages. Because they utilize the latest powder coating technology, they are in a position to coat a wide range of items.

For example motorcycles, ATV and Bicycles. But their prices depend on the parts on which the powder coating is being applied. In this category, you will need approximately $50 up to $200 to get a good powder coating finish.

However when it comes to the automobiles powder coating service, the prices have a higher range. Because of the many car parts that are involved as most can be powder coated.

Power coat unlimited prices on automobile powder coats rangers between $35 up to $600.

Are there any benefits to powder coating brake calipers?

If you have seen any high performance brake caliper, it is usually powder coated. In fact, race car brake caliper will also be powder coated.

This is no coincidence, there are benefits that come with this process of powder coating. They include the following;

a] Better appearance.

Powder coating application gives your brake calipers a glossy finish. This improves the OEM caliper’s appearance beneath the rims. Further, it contributes to the overall vehicle aesthetics.

b] Durability.

There is something like powder coating maintenance that enhances the durability of the original color. Because it is able to resist against corrosion, chipping and fading.

c] Performance enhancement.

The brake caliper’s involvement in the stopping process of the vehicle generates a lot of heat. The brake caliper alignment to the brake rotor moves the brake pads inwards and outwards during braking.

This process generates a lot of vibrations which generate heat. Application of powder coating enhances performance by improving the rate at which that heat leaves the wheels area.

d] Easy to clean.

Powder coating cleaning takes a shorter period to show the desirable results. When you compare the powder coated calipers to the OEM calipers, the OEM calipers do not clean up well enough.

e] Brake caliper protection.

Powder coating application creates a thick layer over the brake caliper parts. This protects the caliper pin, pistons, caliper bracket and others from harmful elements like acids and it prevents rust. Hence ensuring a long lasting brake caliper.

  • the cost to powder coat brake calipers,
  • the benefits of powder coating, and
  • how to choose the right powder coating service for your brake calipers.
  • the process of powder coating, including preparation, application, and curing, and
  • the difference between powder coating and paint.

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