Guide On How Engine CC Size Affects Fuel Consumption.

For new car owners, it’s probably important to know how engine cc size affects fuel consumption. Despite the fact that the car is within your budget the engine cc size is of importance.

The larger the engine CC size the more fuel that your engine will consume. Further this goes without saying that the more the size, the more the power you will get from the engine. Because, the fuel is burnt by the engine to give out more power.

What it means to get more power is that the car will be able to accelerate much more.

What does engine cc size mean?

Car engine size

Previously most vehicles had 1 or 2 cylinders that produces the right amount of power to move the car.

Engine size determines how much air and fuel is being burnt. Further, it affects the engine’s capacity to push air through for the sake of combustion. Meaning that for bigger engine sizes, you won’t need air flow modifications to get air in.

But if you get these engine modifications for performance enhancement you will get more power. Meaning that a small engine of 2000 CC will function with 2000 cubic centimeters (CC) of the air and fuel mixture. This engine is a 2.L [liter] and this fact will be written on it.

Additionally, some engine’s may not have a lot of CCs but they come with a turbocharger. This gives the car a capacity to be as powerful and as efficient as the high CC cars.

If you consider fuel used for miles coverage then the engine CC size should be an issue for you. This further affects your car’s insurance.


Well, it was true that the engine’s size determines the power a car has. That was the only determinant as far as the previous engine’s were concerned. 

Currently, the cars have modified engines and they come with turbochargers. This increases the car’s engine power also known as the horsepower that’s referred to as bhp.


Most economical engines range between 1 Litter and 1.9 litters. It means that this car is very economical because it does not burn too much fuel.

Equal to that fact is that they don’t offer that much power. In comparison to the bigger engine CC size cars.  Additionally unless small engine modifications are undertaken, this type of engine doesn’t have sufficient power.

These small engine cc sizes are meant for small distances around town. Otherwise, they are very inefficient for long distances. Because traveling for long distances requires a lot of power to get speed. Such speed and power comes from a lot of burnt fuel.


Larger engine’s usually have a higher liter size. That means it’s capable of pushing more fuel and air in for combustion. It also means that the more air that is pushed inwards the better the engine’s capacity to turn it into power and energy.

These engines range from 2CC engine size.  These larger engines are more preferable by people who need the car to accelerate at a faster rate.

Additionally, larger engines have more speeds on the speedometer. Hence the reason that these vehicles have more cylinders than the smaller engines. These will receive the power from an increased intake of fuel to the cylinders.

However there are some engine modifications that affect a car’s fuel economy.

Further, these modifications also affect insurance. Especially if they help to counter the eco-unfriendliness of these larger engine cc size cars. 


Hybrid car engine cc size

If you are very cautious about fuel economy as well as the environment, this should offer you a solution.

They utilize the conventional engine and electrical motor at the same time. This gives out sufficient power for normal vehicle operations. These types of engines consume less fuel and give out reduced emotions to the atmosphere.

These engines run using electric power which reduces emissions during slow acceleration. Additionally, during starting and take off this car uses electric energy.

This type of vehicle recharges it’s electric motor during movement. The movement requires energy that is obtained from burning fuel. So at this point the vehicle is not using the electric motor. Rather, its using the conventional engine.

Because insurers are geared towards environmental well being, they reduce premiums for these hybrid vehicles.


Its important that insurers consider the cost of a car before arriving at an insurance cost. Engine CC size is very important when it comes to vehicle valuation.

Hence the reason why it affects insurance and you get high premiums.


There are a number of things to consider when choosing a Vehicle. It all depends on the type of experience you want in terms of driving or maintenance.

There are people who are geared towards a high performance experience. So for them, getting a larger engine cc size is important.

On the other hand, there are those ones who are oriented towards costs cutting. They will go for smaller engines while counting on their capacity to serve while at the same time cutting costs. This is in terms of insurance, fuel costs and the car’s purchase price.

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