The engine oil leaks can result from different issues of the car. The engine uses the oil to lubricate its moving parts.

By having sufficient amounts of oil your engine avoids over-heating and damage caused by friction.

A lot of causes of engine oil leaks can lead to a damaged engine.

You should know that an engine oil leakage will cause the engine to deteriorate and at some point, even shut down.

Engine oil leaks can also lead to accidents because they lead to loss of control of the vehicle.

Most of the time, your onboard computer will flash a dashboard light to alert you when there is a problem with the engine oil.

It is important to know these causes of engine oil leaks so that you can take the appropriate action.

Worn Out Oil Filter.

Oil Filter engine oil leaks

Because the oil in your engine is used for lubrication, then there is a chance of impurities getting in.

The purpose of the oil filter is to eliminate these impurities.

It is common for the oil filter to degrade after a large mileage.

Hence the reason you need to change them after the recommended mileage.

Oil filter replacement is a straight forward activity that can be done personally.

Too much oil.

Excess Engine oil leaks

This is an easy problem to diagnose.

Sometimes you may pour too much oil into the engine during an oil change.

If the dashboard light isn’t on, it is an obvious diagnosis that the oil leak is from excess oil.

The overflow will continue leaking for a while before it subsides to the right amount. Then it will stop.

Make sure you wipe this oil leak that has spilled on the engine parts as soon as you notice it.

Broken Valve Gasket.

Broken Engine Oil Valve

Gaskets are important in the engine as they facilitate the flow of fluids throughout the car.

Its safe to say that each fluid that is found in the car has a gasket that regulates its flow.

This is probably the most common cause of oil leaks.

Mostly it is a common cause in older vehicles with high mileage.

The gasket usually breaks down due to an accumulation of oil sludge.

Further, this oil sludge causes an increase in pressure and this causes failure of the gasket’s capacity to seal.

Oil Drain plug.

If you check the underside of the car, you will notice a drain plug that is at the base of the oil pan.

The drain plug could lead to oil leaks if it is misaligned, worn out or loose.

It is also a common cause for oil leaks.