The best types of headlights bulbs and housing.

Ever been curious about the type of headlights bulbs and housing that are installed on your vehicle?

Are you satisfied with the vision capacity of your car’s headlights?

Well this is useful knowledge especially if you’re trying to get a replacement.

On the other hand, if you’re shopping for a new vehicle you could use this knowledge to pick the headlights that serve you best.

Light emitted from different types of headlights bulbs and housing will vary in intensity.

This most certainly affects your safety and that of other drivers as well.

Additionally, headlights act as a vehicle’s appearance enhancer.

Headlights are among the most replaced parts on your vehicle.

So, a little knowledge about the different types of headlights bulbs and housing will do you good.


The headlights housing is the entire body that can be seen from outside the vehicle’s body.

The headlights housing usually helps with light dispensation because that’s their design.

The headlights bulb is the part that emits light once the switch is turned on.

Headlights have adopted different types of technologies that have made a difference in how your way is lit ahead of you.

Because of good headlights you can see what lies ahead or otherwise, you will get surprised by something you didn’t expect.


  • Reflector housing.

These are basic headlights housing which are commonly used by most manufacturers.

They are made of a bowl that has a mirror surface for reflecting the light outwards and a clear surface that covers the exterior.

The issue with this headlight housing is that it does not concentrate the light as well as the other alternatives.

Further, this reflecting capacity puts other drivers on the road at a visibility disadvantage.

Because the light beams are not as focused with this headlight housing in comparison to the others.

  • Projector Headlights Housing.

This headlight housing usually looks much like the reflector housing in terms of the bowl shape.

But the difference is that the projector housing uses a projector bulb to focus and magnify the light produced by the bulb.

Further, this headlights housing can be coupled with reflector high beams for the same headlight.

Once this is done it gives a stylish outlook and a better focused light beam.


Car Headlights bulbs and housing

As the name suggests, this type of headlights bulbs is filled with halogen gas.

Additionally, these bulbs consist of a filament that’s enclosed within the glass casing which is always surrounded by halogen gas.

Further, the bulb works by heating up which causes the halogen gas to glow up into a bright light.

Theses bulbs are readily available in the market and are relatively cheap in comparison to the others.


  1. This bulb has a shorter lifespan when compared to other types which last longer.
  2. They are mostly coupled with the projector or reflector housing.
  3. Thirdly, these Headlights produce less Use in comparison to others.

They are made up of electrodes that are within the glass enclosure.

Further, the electrodes are equipped with the capacity to conduct electric current.

Additionally, you will find vaporized metals to help in the distribution of the light.


  1. They are much brighter hence they shine light over a longer distance.
  2. They are much safer for you and other drivers because their beam of light is highly focused.
  3. They come with various color intensities for different times like at night or during the day.

These are the newest breed of headlights.

Their functionality is dependent on the diode or semiconductor.

Hence the reason they are more efficient that others as a result of this design.


  1. They are able to be used in different styles which is impossible for other types.
  2. They are very efficient in terms of energy consumption.
  3. They have a longer lifespan.

They are used with projector headlights housing.

Additionally, they can be designed into different forms because of their flexibility in design, even as strips.


Because of their expensive nature.

The laser Headlights are used by manufacturers in high end vehicles.

They function through an electric reaction that occurs between phosphorus and light.

Because of their expensive nature, they are not readily available in the market.

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