Higher clearance or none: Lowest Ground Clearance SUV.

Underestimating the lowest ground clearance SUV will have missing out on a great experience. Who Knew a day would come when the words ‘low ground clearance’ will describe an SUV.

In case you didn’t know, the term SUV refers to Sports Utility Vehicle. Meaning a vehicle that combines both performance and utility.

Ground clearance measurement is important when comparing Truck ground clearance and SUV ground clearance. When you look at the car ground clearance chart, you can get a clear picture.

Well, in the case of lowest ground clearance SUV, the buyer may be looking for ride stability and handling. Because there’s a notion that lower cars tend to be better at both than higher-ride vehicles.

In case you were wondering, there’s no car that can offer both sides. It is either low clearance or high clearance.

Alternatively, the other notion is that high ground clearance vehicles offer better comfort. Additionally, they get out of snow and mud faster than low vehicles.

High ground clearance SUVs possess off-road capabilities due to their tire size and 4×4 set-up. This had to come up even though the post is talking about lowest clearance SUV.

Ground clearance refers to the distance between the lowest part of the vehicle and the ground. Electric vehicles ground clearance tends to be higher than fossil fuel vehicles.

Because the lowest part of the fossil fuel vehicles is the exhaust pipe which doesn’t exist on electric vehicles. This brings us to three important factors when considering a vehicle’s ground clearance.

a] Approach angle.

When driving over rugged terrain or on a slope, the approach angle prevents the front bumper from scraping the ground.

b] Departure angle.

While sticking to the same rugged terrain or slope, the departure angle prevents the rear bumper from dragging on the ground.

c] Breakover angle.

When looking for an adventure vehicle, you need to purchase either small vehicles with high ground clearance or high-riding SUVs. This is because of their breakover angle which allows passage above obstacles without scratching the bottom.

Lowest Ground Clearance SUV Reviews.

The lowest ground clearance SUVs have a lower profile tire size. Because ground clearance is affected by the tire size and the suspension.

Though it is possible to undertake suspension tuning for flexible clearance. For example, the air suspension allows the driver to adjust vehicle ground clearance per their preference.

Further, these SUVs offer you better aerodynamics, sport aesthetics and fuel economy. Usually, they are Crossover SUVs whose categories are

  • Sub-Compact SUVs.
  • Compact SUVs.

a] 2021 Toyota C-HR.

Toyota C-HR 2022

This 4-cylinder engine SUV delivers a surprising Fuel Economy.

It’s ground clearance is at 5.9 inches.

Additionally, it has a 5 occupants limit. Hence meaning it has a spacious interior.

It incorporates a 2.0 active safety system that includes

  • Traffic-sign recognition.
  • Automatic high-beam headlamps.
  • Adaptive cruise control with lane-trace assist.
  • Pedestrian detection.
  • Lane keeping assist.

b] Buick Encore 2021.


It sits at a ground clearance of 6.22 inches above the ground. This ground clearance is able to provide a better breakover angle so the SUV doesn’t scratch the ground.

It offers a four people space and the option of a folded rear seat. Other features include;

  • Touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is standard.
  • 155 horsepower.
  • Front-drive or all-wheel drive.
  • Optional addition Safety II packages.

c] Chevrolet Trax 2021.

Chevrolet Trax 2021

This SUV has the ground clearance of 6.2 inches. Such a clearance spares the front and rear bumper from scraping the ground during approach and departure respectively.

Some of the other characteristics are inclusive of the following;

  • Agile handling due to the suspension system set-up.
  • Good outward visibility aesthetics.
  • A turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine.
  • Touchscreen infotainment.
  • 138 Horsepower.

d] 2022 Mini Cooper Countryman.

2022 Mini Cooper Countryman

This is a perfect example of lowest ground clearance SUV because its vehicle height is 6.5 inches above ground. Additionally, it has a sportier appearance thanks to its low profile wheel size and tire size.

Using lift kits to increase the vehicle ground clearance up to 8.5 inches will help when going off-road. Other characteristics of this SUV include the following;

  • 134-hp three-cylinder.
  • Plug-in hybrid.
  • Comfortable back seat.
  • LED headlights.
  • Lane-departure warning.

e] 2022 Hyundai Kona.


It’s a subcompact SUV that has a clearance of 6.7 inches above ground. This gives it off-road capabilities but it cannot take on extremely ragged terrains.

Its exterior design is attractive and it has these other specifications;

  • 2.0 Liter four-cylinder engine.
  • Turbocharged.
  • Sufficient cargo and passenger space.
  • 7.0-inch infotainment touchscreen.
  • 195-hp version of the turbocharged 1.6-liter engine.

Lowering the ground clearance of your vehicle.

There are three things that someone can do to lower their vehicle’s ground clearance;

  • Adding aerodynamic modifications.
  • Changing the car’s current tires to low profile tires.
  • Lowering the vehicle suspension set-up.

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