How to fix keyed car paintwork.

How to fix keyed car paintwork.

I have no idea why someone would do this to your car but it’s important to find out ways for you to fix keyed car paintwork. A recent video surfaced online that people are now keying Tesla vehicles at a very high rate. The fender cameras tend to capture a lot of people in the act and most owners shared these videos online.

The extent of paintwork damage will determine the best ways for you to fix a keyed car.  Notorious car keyers [Not sure this is an actual term] will do it on the driver’s side of the car. Just to ensure that you see it and you know that it Is there. Imagine walking up to your car at the parking lot only to discover that someone keyed it. Any damage to a vehicle is usually aggravating. Especially finding out that the damage was intentional.

There are many cost-effective ways of handling this misfortune. However, most car insurance companies will cover you. This will depend on the car insurance cover declarations you have made to the company. Because car insurance companies need you to declare the value of a number of things including your paintwork.

Repairing keyed car paintwork.

1. Polish or buff out the scratch.

Taking car of car paint the right way will call upon you to implement the best polish. Further, you will need other car paint tips. Buffing works best when the scratch is just sitting on the top layer of the vehicle’s paint. Also known as the protective layer. Buffing reduces the scratch to unnoticeable levels.

2. Reapply clear coat.

A car’s paint job usually has a clear coat that protects the lower layers of the paintwork. If the scratch doesn’t go beyond the clear coat, it is advisable to use buffing. But, if the scratch has breached the coat all the way down to the paint, you will need to apply a clear coat in order to fix the keyed car paint.

3. Repaint or do some touch-up paint.

This is or deeper paintwork damage. When the scratch has gone beyond the clear coat and past the paint. This type of car paintwork damage might cause the car’s body to start rusting. Hence the reason why it’s important not to ignore such damage.

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