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These are India’s used car valuation websites for you to find out the current value of your vehicle.  Further, they help to generate resale value based on pricing algorithms.

Car valuation websites consider a lot of factors when placing value on used cars. For example,

  • The market trends.
  • Vehicle appraisal.
  • The vehicle mileage.

Further, car valuation websites in India also perform a comparative analysis of similar car models in the car market. This is so as to give you the correct values.

Additionally, the car valuation websites will require you to input information about the car history. For example, car service history, ownership history in relation to how many people have owned the vehicle before.

They use this information to determine the level of vehicle depreciation even before any car inspection has been done. It is advisable to check the value of your car before selling it. This will help you to get the value you deserve.

Here are some of the websites that show your used car’s value in India.

1. Cardekho.

cardekho India's used car valuation websites

This is a very comprehensive website that lets their visitors check out new cars, used cars, selling cars, compare cars among other services. The website is well organized so that you can easily navigate to each section.

Their ‘Feel The Car’ tool enables you to get a 3D view of listed cars and it includes video explanations of each feature.  The best part about their website is that it covers most cities in India.   

It is the leading used car valuation website in India that contains rich content. Content is inclusive of detailed specs, expert reviews, pictures and videos of different car brands and models in India. 

The platform allows users to upload their used cars for sale. Additionally, the company has partners with over 4000 car dealers and financial institutions. Which makes it easier for Indians to purchase and sell their vehicles.

So before visiting a showroom, you can use their website to go through the listed cars and their unique features. Therefore, you will get an understanding of the Indian automotive industry. Further, this website allows you to buy from individuals as well as used car dealers.

2. Orange book value.

Orange book value india's used car valuation websites

According to, the OBV is a car valuation company launched by Droom. Droom is data science technology that facilitates automotive buying and selling online.

Droom looks at a number of things in order to suggest a fair vehicle pricing. For example; mileage, vehicle condition, category, model, make and year.

This website publishes reports concerning fair market price of used car valuation. The website allows car buying and car selling.

They allow the user to first give a few inputs about their vehicle. Afterwards, their pricing report suggests the value of the vehicle. It is amongst the best car valuation websites in India to use in order to understand the fair valuation at that point in time.

In fact, this website is the go-to place because it contains information about pre-owned vehicles from different manufacturers like Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda and many more.

Therefore, immediately you open their website you will find a list of different vehicle brands. This enables you to check out features, prices and market valuation of the vehicle brand and model that you want to sell or buy.

Once you get on the website, you access the capacity to view the used car price quotation.

As one of the best used car valuation websites in India, it helps sellers to make the most out of the deal. Similarly buyers can spend the exact amount that is appropriate.

This used car valuation website in India holds a unique feature called ‘Car Price Calculator’. Therefore, it helps you find used car resale value so that you can get the right amount range for used cars.

3. Car and bike.

Car and bike India's used car valuation website

This website consists of a variety of categories which also include used car valuation among others. Their value figures are based on data from over 1 million valuations and different user inputs.

You can trust their valuation because they make sure that their figures are based on most accurate market prices for your car.

They have made it so easy for you to discover the current market value for your vehicle without undergoing inspection. This is possible because of their simplified process that takes a two clicks step.

Further, If you are a buyer of the used cars, this website has listed their catalogue based on different cities in India. That way, it becomes easier for you to know the used car dealers or individuals within your city for example, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore among others.

Used cars are classified according to brand, model, body type and car location. Isn’t this such a unique classification that suits all.

How can I check my second hand car in India?

People have different reasons for choosing to purchase a second hand car. For example, budget constraints that make a new car an expensive acquisition.

The pre-owned car market is thriving in every country. Whereby, there are different categories of sellers that include; brokers, dealerships or individual sellers.

Selected brands have also taken interest in the pre-owned car market. Whereby car owners trade-in their used vehicles for new ones and afterwards a new buyer acquires that vehicle.

However, it is important to be cautious about some things when you’re purchasing a used car. These are the things to check before buying a used car

  • Framing.
  • Tires.
  • Engine.
  • Mileage.
  • Test drive.
  • Interior.
  • Exterior.

1]. Framing.

The vehicle framing refers to how the car seats on a flat even surface. Make sure that one side is not taller than the other. Additionally, make sure that it does not appear to be leaning on one side. This is an issue that comes from bad brakes.

2]. Tires.

Make sure that you inspect the condition of the tires. Look at the tire treed wear and tear. In case you find that the tire treed wears out unevenly on the opposite sides, it’s an indication of poor tire balance and alignment.

Further, do not buy a car that has really worn out tires. Because you will have to replace the tires which will add to your costs of acquisition. Additionally, check the tires to ensure there are no tire bulges. They indicate that the tires are damaged.

3]. Engine.

Perform an engine check to ensure that some of the car engine parts are in a good condition. For example, timing belt, fluids, motor mounts amongst others.

Start the engine to ensure that it is functional and ensure that the check engine dashboard warning light is off. Otherwise, it will be an indication that something is wrong within the engine.

4]. Mileage.

First find out the first time when the vehicle hit the road. If that’s not a long time ago, check the mileage. If the vehicle has an accumulation of a lot miles yet it’s not old, there is an underlying problem.

5]. Interior.

The resale value of the vehicle will take into account some of the interior accessories that were installed by the previous owner. Check whether some of them are available.

Further, check the condition of the interior components. For example; the car floor, seats, steering wheel, dashboard and components, center console, trunk and other areas.

6]. Exterior.

The car body makes up the exterior, make, model and year of the vehicle. The previous owner could have undertaken some car body modifications to personalize the ride. For example, bumper and aerodynamic modifications.

After looking out for those ones, ensure that you assess the condition of the car’s paintjob. Ensure that there is no damage to the paint apart from a few swirls here and there resulting from the act of washing.

7]. Test drive.

Make sure that you test drive the vehicle first. This will allow you to experience the vehicle’s performance and you can decide if it will serve the purpose for which you intend to use it.

How can I check the previous owners of my car for free in India?

Checking the owners of a car is not a difficult thing to do in India since there is an ownership tracking method. The system allows you to check the owners of different types of automobiles like bikes, trucks, vans, and cars.

Follow this process;

  • Visit the official website of the region transport office.
  • Enter the registration number of the automobile for which you wish to certify the ownership.
  • You will get a verification code which you will enter as the website directs you to.
  • Click on the ”Check status” prompt.

Afterwards the site will give you results immediately. You will find the ownership details of the vehicle, date of registration, city of registration, number of previous owners, automobile make and model. This is in line with the motor vehicles act of 1988.

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