Affordable and Attractive Types of Interior Car Accessories.

The different types of interior car accessories improve convenience and make the car more comfortable and attractive. The interior of most new cars is usually plain because manufacturers only install the necessities.

Therefore, installing interior car accessories is a method of personalizing your car. It offers a touch of your personality.

Since you spend a lot of time inside your car when travelling, you need to have some accessories that will make the ride more enjoyable.

What are car interior accessories?

Unlike the car body modifications that fit outside the vehicle, their installation fits different areas within the car interior. Think about all the parts inside the car. Imagine that there are different accessories that fit every part. For example, the dashboard, windscreen, seats, floor, center console amongst others.

The accessories producers make them to enhance functionality, comfort and aesthetics. Further, there are some accessories that make it easier to organize the vehicle’s cabin.

Car interior accessories list.

You may imagine that the accessories are a luxury that you cannot afford. This is quite understandable given the current economic condition. However, some of them that we are going to list here are quite affordable.

In fact, you will soon find out that some of these accessories help to preserve the state of the interior car parts. Hence, improving the vehicle’s interior parts’ lifespan. This is possible because they protect the parts from damaging elements.

1. Headrest hooks.

Interior car accessories headrest hooks

Most car owners prefer to use the passenger seats or the backseat as a place for placing their bags and items. Although the rear boot is a space that’s perfectly made for this purpose, it reduces the efficiency of getting these items when you’re in need.

The headrest hanger is an affordable interior car accessory that turns your headrests into a holder for items like bags. Additionally, it is very easy to install without requiring professional help. 

In fact, you simply need to clip it on an you are ready to go. Headrest hooks fit onto the metallic part that’s in between the headrest and the backrest. Their price estimate is between $5 to $10 dollars.

2. Car charger and compatible Bluetooth for speaker.

Charger and Compatible Bluetooth for Speaker interior car accessories

These chargers are able to support USBs for connecting your battery low phone and start the charging process. Further, these chargers house a Bluetooth enabled feature that allows you to connect your phone to the vehicle’s sound system.

That way you can listen to the music from your playlist on the infotainment system and at the same time you’re charging your phone. You may have concerns about how this affects the car battery voltage, the amount of power used here is insignificant.

However, don’t use this accessory for a long time when the engine is off. Because it will significantly lower the battery voltage. This will prevent the car not to start and you will need to jumpstart the car.

Vehicle manufacturers usually install a standard 12-volt outlet on the dashboard on which you can attach the charger. The car charger is sold for approximately $13 to $20 dollars.

3. LED car lights.

Affordable interior accessories LED lights

Lighting is very important for drivers especially when driving at night. This is in relation to the types of headlights and housing that helps to illuminate the road ahead of you.

Vehicle lighting determines how visible you are to other road users. However, there are vehicle lighting modifications that are purely for the purpose of improving aesthetics.

Undertaking vehicle interior lighting modifications will require you to consider a few things. Firstly, your car battery charge that those lights will use.

Further, you will have to consider the light intensity. Because extremely bright lights inside your vehicle will interfere with your ability to see especially when you’re driving at night.

Lastly, the area of light installation within the vehicle’s cabin is also important. For example, interior lighting mods can go onto door panels, gear shift, pedals area or around floor mats amongst other areas. A car lighting professional will offer the appropriate advice as to all of these concerns.

The car’s interior needs to be well lit so that you can see the positioning of peddles and other items. These lights sell at approximately $11 to $25 dollars.

Some LED lights are equipped with a audio system mode that causes them to dance to the beats coming from the car infotainment system.

4. Phone holder.

phone holder interior car accessories

The phone is a major destruction for drivers when they’re driving. In fact, some countries have set laws against the use of phones while driving.

This is why a phone holder is quite important. Because it minimizes the chances that you’ll take your eyes off the road during the drive.

Most phone holder installations take place on the dashboard, rearview mirror or on the windscreen. This keeps the phone within the driver’s line of sight.

Therefore, it minimizes the chances of taking your eyes off the road while you fumble around to look for your phone. Further, it reduces the chances of making a mistake while you’re driving.

Most phone holders are coupled with a 360 degrees rotation as well as a quick release button. These improve the way you operate your phone and it increases accessibility. Their cost is between $15 to $30 dollars.

5. Cup holders coasters.

Cup Holder Coasters.

Sometimes, you have a drink in your vehicle and you need somewhere to place it. Manufacturers install some practical cup holders on the center console.

However, drink containers are of different sizes. Therefore, not every drink will fit perfectly into the original equipment manufacturer [OEM] cup holder.

In this case, when you hit bumps or potholes while there is a drink inside the OEM cup holder, the drink may spill over. Hence, the cup holder will accumulate dirt which will require intense cleaning.

Interior car accessories manufacturers too this into consideration and came up with cup holder coasters. Their purpose is to cater for the multiple sizes of drink containers and OEM cup holders.

Before purchasing cup holder coasters, ensure that you measure the size of your OEM cup holder first. Cup holder coasters cost between $5 and $8 dollars.

What accessories are provided with the car?

There are a number of accessories that manufacturers ensure their presence in a car when it leaves the manufacturing floor. Note that the accessories that we are about to mention may not be present in all vehicles because their presence is purely at the manufacturer discretion.

Most of them will not be oriented towards aesthetics but they are very essential. Therefore, if your car is missing any of them, you may opt for aftermarket accessories.

In fact, some countries have set road safety laws that require you to have some of these accessories in your car at all times. This is in order to improve road safety.

1. Tool kits.

The tool kit comes in handy when you need to perform some DIY repairs and adjustments. For example when you recognize that the car shakes when you’re driving, you may need to tighten anything that has come loose.

The tool kit may have some basic items like a screwdriver or wrench. You may add into the tool kit’s catalog in order to be prepared for any unforeseen occasion.

2. First aid kit.

Some vehicle manufacturers install a first aid kit that is essential for medical emergencies. Remember that the emergency could involve yourself or anyone else that is around.

Most first aid kits have bandages, a pair of scissors, a roll of cotton wool and some disinfectants. These are components that offer basic attention before seeking a medical professional’s assistance.

3. Spare tire and jack.

Incase you haven’t purchased a second hand car, the vehicle must come with a spare tire. This is a precaution incase either of the tires you’re using happens to have tire bulges or a puncture.

Sometimes manufacturers don’t include a jack in the vehicle. However, if they don’t provide one, ensure that you buy it. Because it is essential when you need to change the car tire.

4. Warning triangle.

Sometimes, the car stalls while you’re in the middle of the journey hence it stops abruptly in the middle of the road. This could be as a result of engine overheating or some other emergency issue.

A warning triangle is essential during such situations to inform on coming drivers that there is an obstacle on the road. Place the warning triangle a couple of feet in front and behind your vehicle.

5. Jumper cables.

The car battery life lasts for between 3 to 5 years. However, there are a few occasions during which the battery will die and this will prevent the car from starting.

Therefore you will have to jumpstart the car. For this reason, the jumper cables are a necessary accessory to have within the vehicle at all times. They will save you from being stranded at a parking lot somewhere.

Why are accessories important in car interior?

Before looking into why accessories are important in car interior, we need to remember one thing. There are accessories that improve comfort, functionality, convenience and aesthetics. However, there are other accessories that are extremely necessary for safety.

1. Comfort and convenience.

There are interior car accessories whose purpose is to enhance comfort and convenience for the driver and passengers. while referring to comfort we mention accessories such as, armrests, car seat cushions, cup holders amongst others.

However, when talking about convenience we talk about; storage solutions, phone holders, interior lighting, floor mats, climate control systems like car air fresheners amongst others. These make the car interior more bearable and improve the atmosphere for a better driving experience.

2. Car interior personalization.

Different people have unique personalities which they express in different ways. Therefore, installing car interior accessories is a way of expressing their personalities.

It helps to make the vehicle feel like it belongs to that individual. Such interior car accessories are inclusive of interior lighting, infotainment systems, seat covers, floormats and steering wheel covers amongst others.

3. Maintenance of the car’s interior.

A lot of elements work against the new state of the car’s interior. However, most car owners would like to keep things as they are with little to no degradation.

There are some accessories that can make it possible to maintain the state of the car’s interior without the occasional interior car detailing appointment.

For example; Car seat covers, floormats, steering covers, dashboard covers, seat belt covers amongst others. These help to prolong the lifespan of interior parts. Additionally, this helps to improve the vehicle’s resale price.

Interior car accessories for guys.

Interior car accessory manufacturers are business oriented. Therefore, they made some car accessories that are suitable for guys. However some of the accessories in our list are suitable for all genders. Because they’re essential.

  • Sporty seat covers which have bold colors and are inspired by racing mods.
  • Steering wheel wraps.
  • Phone mounts.
  • Interior lighting LEDs.
  • Center console organizers.
  • Gear shift knobs.
  • Floormats.
  • Cargo organizers.
  • Car vacuum cleaners.
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems.
  • Jump start cables.
  • Performance pedals.
  • Car seats gap filler.

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