How to remove fog from a car’s windows.

The challenge to remove fog from a car’s windows comes about during both hot and cold weather. Moisture condensation on the car windshield, side windows and rear window interferes with driver visibility.

Understanding the specific fogging causes, such as temperature, humidity levels and seasonal changes determines the action you need to take.

Furthermore, it determines the best and fastest way to defog the windshield and other windows. For example, interior cleaning and exterior cleaning of windows, using anti-fog products, and air conditioning.

Well, below we are going to look at how to remove fog from a car’s windows as a safety precaution.

Using a cloth to wipe the windows in order to get clear driver visibility can be distracting especially if you’re the person behind the wheel.

How do I get rid of fog on my car windshield?

The windshield is a sensitive glass that catches fog quicker than the surrounding windows. Because the it is in contact with the engine’s hood.

So, when the hot air from the engine comes in contact with its cold surface, it creates mist. This is a process known as condensation a common occurrence during cold weather conditions.

a]. Use the defrost function.

Turn on the defrost function of your vehicle. This function is not common in older car models. However, the other measures on this list will help you if you have an older car model.

Manufacturers installed this function in cars for winter preparation. It removes the frost which forms on the car windows. Once it’s in use, the defrost function activates the windshield defogger and help clear the fog.

b]. Temperature control.

In most cases, fogging windows are caused by condensation of moisture. Adjusting the temperature to a warm level evaporates the moisture within the car.

Therefore, this clears the mist from the windshield within a very short time. It also warms up the windshield and balances temperature from the engine with the temperature of the windshield. Since the windshield is usually very cold.

c] Use the air conditioner.

After turning on the defrost function on the car, ensure that your air conditioner is also running. However, if your car doesn’t have a defrost function, this is the best option for you.

Ensure that the air conditioner is blowing warm air in order to remove the moisture inside the car. Hence, removing the fog from your car’s windshield.

d]. Open the windows.

Open Car window remove fog from a car's window

An open window works better during removal of fog from your windshield when you’re driving. It increases the air circulation levels within the cabin.

Therefore, the humidity inside the car reduces because hot air leaves while cool air replaces it. Therefore, this strikes a balance of the humidity and temperatures.

This is the fastest method to remove fog from a car’s windows. If your car’s windows start to fog, then you can roll down the windows to reverse the condensation.

The cold air flow reverses the effects of the warm air that comes into contact with the cold windows to create fog. This is because the cold airflow balances the interior’s air temperature with the exterior’s air temperature. 

e]. Open all the air vents.

Car dashboard air conditioner

Manufacturers install air vents in an attempt to ensure that the car’s cabin receives air flow. Opening the air vents works alongside the air conditioner and the defrost function to remove fog from the windshield faster.

Open the air vents fully to maximize air flow. Additionally, increase the fan speed to ensure that there is sufficient flow of air within the car cabin.

f]. Interior and exterior cleaning of the windshield.

Glass cleaner products ensure that the car windows are free from dust and smudges. Their components are suitable for cleaning the car window materials.

Remember that the car windows materials are different from other glass materials. Therefore, purchase glass cleaner that is specifically for car windows.

Any unnecessary car window components may be contributing to fog.

g]. Engage the windshield wipers.

Car windshield wipers

Condensation during hot weather appears on the exterior of the window. For this reason, you cannot wipe it off from inside the vehicle. 

So, use the windshield washing set-up by engaging the wipers and water. This automatically gets rid of the fog.

How to prevent a foggy windshield.

The following are car maintenance tips that will help you to prevent fog from forming on your windshield.

a]. Use anti-fog products.

The anti-fog products are used on the interior of the car’s side windows, windshield and rear window. This glass cleaner has ammonia which helps to prevent fogging. Regular use of these products will help to maintain cleanliness and it will stop formation of fog.

b]. Use defroster.

The defroster increases the temperatures inside the car. It is effective when you’re driving during cold weather and summer season.

When you turn it on during summer season, the defroster function increases temperatures inside the car. This removes the fog that forms outside the car’s windows.

Using it during winter season helps to remove the moisture from the car’s windows before you drive off. Hence improving the driver’s visibility.

c]. Use fresh air mode.

There is the option of recirculation and the fresh air option on the air conditioner. Avoiding recirculation will prevent the circulation of the humid air that’s inside the car.

Using fresh air mode will pull air from outside the car through the air vents. The air will prevent the accumulation of moisture and it will regulate temperatures. Hence preventing the formation of fog.

d]. Regularly check the HVAC system.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system helps with temperature regulation inside the car. Fogging on the car windows will result from temperature differences caused by a malfunctioning HVAC system.

HVAC system maintenance includes cleaning to get rid of dirt particles that may be drawn inside the car. Therefore, this will ensure that the air drawn into the car from outside has a clear passage through the air vents.

How to remove fog inside car during rain?

It’s a common occurrence to see fog on car windows during rain. Unlike the fog that appears outside the car windows during hot weather, the mist appears inside the windows during rain.

There are some slight differences in the methods that remove fog on windows during rain. However, there are some similarities in those methods.

Fog forms outside the car windows when it’s summer because hot air on the outside hits the cold car windows. Because the air inside the car has a lower temperature in comparison to the air which is outside.

However, fog forms inside the car windows in winter season because the cold air outside hits warm car windows. The car window is usually warm because the air within the car body has a higher temperature in comparison to air on the car body exterior.

a]. Lower the air conditioning heating.

Windshield air conditioner

Air temperature inside your vehicle has a warm temperature reading. That’s because of the processes taking place during power production by the vehicle as well as heat coming from your body’s presence.

However, the air outside is cold because of the weather. The difference in temperatures between the interior and exterior air creates fog on the interior side of the car window.

Therefore, evening out the temperature differences will help to eliminate the fog. Turn on the air conditioner and lower the temperatures as much as you can withstand.

This will remove the fog from the car’s windows. In fact, it is the fastest way to remove the fog.

b]. Recirculate the air.

You can remove fog from a car’s windows by hitting the air recirculation button on your dashboard. This allows you to recirculate the air that’s already in your vehicle.

Manufacturers install different different buttons that allow you to control airflow in the car. The recirculation button allows air to be pulled from outside the car into the cabin.

Hit the button that has an arrow pointing inside a small car. This button gives a unique function that pulls cold air from outside through the air vents into the cabin.   

Alternatively, look for the button that has a car button which has a circular arrow within it. Ensure that the light on it turns off. This removes the recirculation of the air that’s inside your car.

c]. Lower the interior temperature.

This might sound insane especially because it involves you feeling a little cold. You can do this by either lowering the windows a little or manipulating the air conditioner.  

The latter is more obvious than the former. Firstly, you may decide to set a lower temperature on the air conditioner. Secondly, you can increase the speed of the air conditioning fan to achieve a lowered temperature.  

d]. Turn on defrost vent with cool air.

The defrost vent is directly below the windshield. Cool air flowing directly to the windshield will make it cold. Therefore, matching the window’s temperature with the temperature that’s outside. Fog will disappear shortly.

How to remove fog in car during rain without AC?

The trick is to ensure that the temperature level of the air outside the car will match the air temperature level inside the car.

When the engine is off, the car’s air conditioning will use the car battery. However, if you want to avoid the case of a dead car battery, you will opt not to use the AC when removing fog.

Slightly open the car window to allow the cold air from outside to enter the car cabin. This will even out the temperature levels outside the car with the temperature levels inside the car.

The fog will leave gradually and you will have clear car windows.

Why is my windshield fogging up on the outside?

This happens a lot due to seasonal changes. The windshield is fogging up on the outside because the hot air from outside the car comes into contact with your cold windshield.

There is an imbalance between the temperatures within the car and those temperatures outside the car. In an attempt to get rid of the fog, you will have to raise the temperatures within the car.

Doing so creates a balance between the temperature levels of outside air and the air within the car’s interior. Alternatively, you can use the windshield wipers to remove the fog.

How to get rid of fog on windshield in summer.

The summer season has a lot of high temperature levels. Using thermal insulation materials can help to regulate the air temperatures within the car cabin.

However, fog forms when the hot temperature air outside the car comes in contact with your car’s windshield. This fog appears outside the windshield.

Insulation keeps the car cool when it’s hot outside. Balancing the temperature level difference will remove the fog.

a]. Use the windshield wipers.

This is a very simple thing to do when fog forms outside the windshield in summer. Turn on the wipers and use the water to clear the windshield. The windshield cleaning system will remove the fog immediately.

b] Increase the car’s interior air temperature levels.

The simple rule of eliminating fog from the car’s windows is to level the interior air temperature levels with the exterior air temperature levels.

Since the air is hot during summer, increasing the air temperature levels within the car will balance it with the air temperature levels outside the car. This will get rid of the fog on the car’s windows.

c]. Remove sources of humidity.

If you have something that’s wet inside the car, it will act as a source of humidity. For example, wet laundry and a beverage.

The wetness will increase the humidity levels within the car’s cabin. This will create moisture on the car windows because the humidity will cool the air within the car.

While the car’s interior is cool, the exterior is hot. This temperature imbalance will cause fogging on the exterior side of the car’s window.

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