Small cars with high ground clearance | Sedans and hatchbacks.

Knowledge about small cars with high ground clearance isn’t common amongst car enthusiasts. But I am here to tell you that they exist.

Most people are used to SUVs with high ground clearance and exceptional performance features. But, small cars with high ground clearance may not sit as high as some SUVs [10-Inches].

The level of vehicle ground clearance is amongst the things that buyers look at when they’re purchasing a new car. The higher a car seats the more likely that it won’t scrape against bumps on the road.

If you’re not comfortable with your car’s ground clearance, a suspension system upgrade is a good option. This will increase your car’s ground clearance by using lift kits.

Small cars with high ground clearance reviews.

We will point out some of the vehicle heights in inches. Additionally, we will include some unique features that each one of them has. Here is our list that compiles the small cars with high ground clearance;

a] 2021 Nissan Versa.

2021 Nissan Versa.

This subcompact sedan may fool you as not being a high clearance vehicle. The space between the 2022 Nissan Versa and the ground is 6.8

But as we had mentioned above, you can always undertake a suspension system upgrade. This will transform it into a high clearance vehicle.

It has a beautiful design. One of the things that stands out in its design is the rear mirrors connect with the rear windshield.

When you compare this car with other crossover vehicles, it sits at a higher ground clearance level.

b] 2021 Mazda6.

2021 Mazda6.

The distance between the body frame and the ground of the mazda6 is approximately 6.5 inches. The design did not take the ground clearance as a priority.

The design resembles an elegant high end sports car. Additionally, its make comes with a sporty handling. Meaning that the suspension system parts are highly sophisticated.

Some additional features are inclusive of the following;

  • Roomy interior.
  • Minimum bumpy steering for an agreeable driving experience.
  • 187-horsepower engine.
  • 250-horsepower turbo.
  • Porsche Interior.

c] 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage.

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage.

The car’s design includes a hatchback model which makes up the Mirage G4 and Mirage hatchback models. Both of which compete against the Nissan Versa.

The hatchbacks and G4s both have a space of 6.3 inches between them and the ground. That ground clearance is specifically for avoiding scraping over bumps.

Because the designs of the hatchbacks and G4s are suitable for developing countries. Another notable feature that this car has includes a 3-cylinder engine producing 78-horsepower.

d] 2022 Subaru Legacy.

2022 Subaru Legacy.

Firstly, the Subaru is popular for offering high and efficient speed performance on race tracks. But mostly after a little bit of tuning.

Comparing the vehicles above, the Subaru Legacy is the one sitting at the lowest level. The distance between the vehicle’s body frame and the ground is usually 5.9-inches.

Some of the unique features that it offers include;

  • AWD all wheel drive features.
  • Sophisticated suspension system to offer vehicle comfort.
  • Spacious interior.

e] 2021 Nissan Leaf.

2021 Nissan Leaf small cars with high ground clearance

Here comes the first electric car on our list. The fact that it does not house an exhaust pipe underneath, reduces the chances of it scrapping against bumps and curbs.

The vehicle’s body sits at a distance of 5.9 inches above the ground. The undercarriage design gives it an advantage over the Subaru because it lacks exhaust pipe.

Even though they both sit at the same distance above ground. Other features that stand out are inclusive of;

  • It has a hatchback design.
  • A pedestrian interior.
  • A base range of 149 miles per charge.
  • An optional battery that increases the number of miles to between 215 and 226 miles.
  • Spacious interior.

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