A Guide To The Speed Limiter Fitted In New Model Cars of 2022.

Most European vehicle manufacturers including Jaguar,  Mercedes-Benz, and Peugeot among others will install this intelligent speed limiter for cars sold in Europe. Without leaving out the UK.

According to most manufacturers the new models of 2022 will incorporate speed limiters. In fact, the Audi among other models already started on this.

Without a doubt, this little modification will impact insurance cover for all the models that have it. But that’s a story for later.

One factor that manufacturers considered is the fact that every road, worldwide, has a speed limit. Too bad for those who like doing the whole dash.

It goes without saying that speeding is one of the major causes of road accidents. Hence the need for incorporation of a speed limiter in most cars.

The intelligent speed limiter assistance system was developed after the European Transport Safety Council concluded that most road accidents occurred due to speeding.

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Previously, this wasn’t a requirement by Law but at this point, starting from 6th July 2022, it will be required by law.

Further all cars that have launched previously, will be required to get the installation. This is in accordance with the 2019/2044 agreement. It gives the car’s up to 7 July 2024.


There are two main types of Intelligent Speed Limiters. The difference comes in whereby they warn about exceeding a set speed limit.

These two systems can act as information retainers. That is, they hold information about vehicle location and performance. This data is very essential when it comes to fleet management.

Car speedometer speed limiter


As the name suggests, the passive speed limiter usually doesn’t do anything to limit your car’s speed when you exceed the set limit.

A passive speed limiter usually warns the driver when they exceed the limit. Now, this software basically works as a driver advisory system.

They function best when they alert the driver of the set speed limit. Afterwards the driver has an option of exceeding the speed limit. Because the limiter won’t do anything to prevent it.

Their warning will include audio, visual or tactile methods. So, the visual will be displayed on the dashboard, the audio will be a beep of some sort.

While, the tactile will involve a vigorous vibration of the pedals. Especially the accelerator pedal so that you choose not to increase the speed. Additionally, in some occasions the accelerator pedal will be very stiff.


This software usually intervene when a speed limit is exceeded. They’re not just about giving the driver a warning. In fact they don’t offer the driver the option of exceeding the set limit.

How do they do this though? The Vehicle’ on board computer allows the software to cut the speedometer from going beyond that speed limit. They prevent more power from going into acceleration by cutting back on fuel burning.

On the brighter side, there is a way to get past their restrictions. This software has a loop hole that lets drivers override them when need be.


Most of the new Vehicles using the advanced speed limiter software take advantage of GPS data.

This data considers things like traffic in a given area. Additionally, they’re fed with set speed limits for specific area codes. Further, they limit how fast you can drive according to that data

In fact, most models that have this system have an OEM camera and some sensors. The camera uses specialized software that recognizes traffic signs. Obviously, that’s how the speed limiter knows to keep your car at a specific speed.


This system is programmed to activate the moment you turn on the car.

Even if you manage to override the speed limiter, it doesn’t become entirely inactive. Meaning you will experience the audio and visual warnings.

To override the speed limiter system just pressing down on the already firm accelerator. It becomes softened so that you can get more engine power.

The speed limiter can be switched on/off though it automatically activates when the car starts.

Otherwise, you can completely remove the speed limiter by undertaking a makeover.


Sometimes, the forward facing cameras miss traffic signs which prevents them from recognizing speed limit changes.


  1. They play a role in reducing the collisions and road accidents that occurs because of speeding. This accounts for the beneficial safety improvement.
  2. Secondly, the insurance claims due to low accidents will be fewer. As a result of this, the insurance premium will be lower for different types of covers.
  3. This modification affects fuel efficiency by reducing the amounts of fuel being consumed. Afterwards, this helps to reduce CO2 emissions.
  4. This system will help you to avoid any speeding tickets. But because of some flaws, it will require the driver’s cooperation and attentiveness.


The regulations included in the new act will include important safety measures.

  1.  Autonomous emergency braking.
  2. Data loggers or a black box technology.
  3. Emergency stop signal.
  4. Driver fatigue detection system.
  5. Lane keep assist.
  6. Built-in breathalyzer that won’t let you start the car after you have failed.
  7. Reversing sensors and cameras that eliminate blind spots.

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