It is very obvious that most Subaru enthusiasts prefer to use some of the best Subaru WRX performance modification.

Subaru is a household name when it comes to races. It is a successful road car that suits both daily drives and racing.

The Subaru WRX is among the most sort after models but previously it used to be the Impreza.

Major reasons for the WRX popularity include the vehicle’s comfort levels, affordable performance, all wheel drive and finally its safety features.

The manufacturer builds the Subaru WRX for performance but like most, this ride leaves room for improvement.

Today we concentrate on some of the mods that can take its performance to the next level.

Most of these performance modifications for Subaru WRX couple together to give the vehicle an undeniable improvement.

Cold Air Intake.

Cold Air Intake subaru wrx performance modification

A turbocharger pushes more air into the engine.

Basically, because the air within the engine chamber is usually heated so it contains limited oxygen quantities.

Increasing the amounts of oxygen within the engine boosts the production of energy during combustion.

Further, this modification also increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

The OEM intakes are usually limiting in terms of the amount of oxygen taken up during combustion.

This is the reason for this cold air intake performance modifications for Subaru WRX.

The aftermarket cold air intake usually comes with a more efficient filter that removes air impurities.

But not all the aftermarket cold air intakes are the same. This is in terms of their design and power production capacities.

Front mount intercooler and Piping.

Subaru Front mount intercooler and Piping

The WRX and STI are known to have a hood scoop that feeds the top mount intercooler.

This feature works to improve the efficiency of the radiator.

The purpose for the mount intercooler is based on the fact that there is a lot of hot air within the engine chamber that rises above the cool air.

The OEM front intercooler on a WRX and STI is effective enough but it sometimes becomes overwhelmed by the hot air.

Hence it soaks a lot of hot air which results to heat soak and loss of power.

The mount intercooler assists the OEM stock intercooler to deal with the excess heat.

Alternatively, it is advisable to undertake a performance modification for WRX and STI  intercooler.

This is done by lowering the stock intercooler where most turbo-charged cars have it. Just consult a professional for this service.

By doing this you are able to lower temperatures within the engine chamber.

Air and Oil Separator.

Every vehicle has oil within the engine. The WRX and STI are no exceptions.

Just that they tend to have a problem of excessive oil.

This challenge is more serious in turbo-charged engines in comparison to others.

The issue causes a major reduction in oil levels within the engine.

Hence the reason why the turbo-charged vehicles need regular oil changes.

If this problem persists, it will lead to an engine knock.

OEM stock parts cater for the prevention of engine knocking due to excess oil in the intake system.

This excess oil can also cause your vehicle to produce white smoke.

Air and Oil SeparatorSubaru WRX performance modification

This performance modifications for Subaru WRX usually separates oil from the ventilation system.

Further preventing oil from entering the intake system. It collects oil into a catch-can and then pumps it back into the engine.

The difference between these air and oil separators is that some need manual draining of the catch-cup.

While others will automatically pump the oil back into the engine.

This performance modification for Subaru WRX reduces oil consumption drastically.