The Tesla model 3 ground clearance

The Tesla Model 3 ground clearance was taken in consideration because the vehicle was going to launch in a variety of countries.

Due to the company’s attention to detail, the vehicle needs to be compatible with most roads.

This is where the tesla model 3 ground clearance comes in.

Tesla model 3 ground clearance level is a result of its type of vehicle suspension system. The distance between this sedan’s body frame and the ground is high because it doesn’t have an exhaust pipe.

Electric vehicles have a slightly higher ground clearance because of the design of their undercarriage.

Hence giving it the advantage of an all terrain vehicle. Because of the vehicle ride height. But it isn’t at an advantage when compared to an off-road vehicle.

Wheelbase of the vehicle qualifies the Tesla model 3as a compact car. Because compact cars have a maximum of between 161 and 187 inches long.

You can check the table below.

But before that, lets take a detour!

What is ground clearance?

Ground clearance measurement is the distance between the vehicle’s body-frame lowest point and the ground. It gives some adventure vehicles their off-road capabilities.

There are a number of things that affect the vehicle ride height. For example the tire size. Some car suspension system parts allow for height adjustment by changing the tire size.

Alternatively, you can use lift kits. They are popular when increasing SUV ground clearance and Truck ground clearance.

There are two theories that contrast as far as the vehicle vehicle ride height is concerned;

  • A higher ground clearance is better than a lower one. Because it offers the vehicle better comfort and power to get out of mud and snow.
  • Contrary to that, lower vehicle ride height is better than a higher one. Because it gives the car better stability and handling.

Additionally, Lower clearance makes the car more responsive to the driver’s steering input.

Unfortunately, you cannot get a car that offers both of them. That’s why you have to consider the following factors when considering ground clearance;

  • Break over angle.

This is the distance that the car comfortable passes over a bump without dragging the car’s floor against the ground.

  • Departure angle.

Secondly, the departure angle is whereby the vehicle goes over a bump or slope without scraping the rear bumper.

  • Approach angle.

Lastly, approach angle is the distance between the front bumper and the bump or slope when the car approaches it. The front bumper should not be scratched.

Overall length184.8 4694mm
-Including mirrors
-Including folded mirrors
-Excluding mirrors
Overall height 56.81443mm
Wheel base113.21875mm
Overhang front33841mm
Overhang rear39978mm
Ground clearance5.5140mm
Track front62.21580mm
Track rear62.21580mm

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