Elevate your ride: the best lift kits for better ground clearance

Well, the best lift kits in the market will either be leveling kits, suspension or body lift kits. These packages consists of various essential parts that improve vehicle comfort amongst other advantages.

For example, the intermediate leveling kits include replacement control arms, differential relocation brackets and shock absorbers.

You see, we’ve already started.

When we talk about increasing vehicle ground clearance, we mean the height between the vehicle body frame and the ground.

In our article, we are about to look into the best lift kits packages for elevating your ride. Some of them will barely improve ground clearance but they will offer an improvement in vehicle body sitting position height.

There is a difference between the ground clearance and the body position height. It is evident when we discuss suspension and body lift kits.

Whereby, suspension lift kits will affect the vehicle ground clearance as well as the center of gravity. But the body lift kits will not have any major effect on the vehicle’s ground clearance nor the center of gravity.

The best lift kits Reviewed.

Let us start by looking into some of the best lift kit products that are available in the market.

a] Rough country leveling kit.

This levelling kit offers both aesthetics enhancement as well as off-road performance. It’s innovative spacer design improves the appearance of the strut.

It package can be suitable for both the front and rear wheels of any standard truck. Because it is a 2.5 inch kit, it gives the vehicle better ground clearance and aesthetics improvement.

Additionally, the kit includes parts for both the front suspension parts and the rear suspension parts. The U-bolt, installation kit and 1-inch lift blocks are suitable for the front suspension.

However, the rear suspension parts kit includes two N3 shock absorbers, 1-inch lift blocks and a U-bolt. The shock absorbers are supposed to enhance off-road driving, vehicle comfort, vehicle handling and weight support.

b] Daystar lift kit.

Its design caters for improvement in levelling and lift. The package includes a torsion key for vehicle height adjustment. The maximum is an adjustment of up to 3 inches.

Further, this kit allows for the use of a maximum of 37-inch tires which increases the vehicle height. Additionally, this helps to improve stability and vehicle handling.

Part of the Kit includes the following , suspension bushings, body mounts and a 0.6-inch sway bar. Further, it includes spacers that may require a professional installation.

c] True-Two suspension lift.

This is a spacer that contains two pairs of polyurethane spacers making a total of four. Their material is high quality and it helps to maintain their shape even when they undergo compression.

The spacers are built with the consideration that they can offer a 2-inch vehicle height improvement. Further, their design allows for them to fit in with socket isolators for a 2.5 inch vehicle height adjustment.

This kit allows you to install 35 inch tires for better ground clearance. Vehicle comfort is also enhanced when you use this suspension lift kit.

d] Skyjacker lift kit.

Their lift kit is suitable for on-road driving. Meaning that it isn’t suitable for bumpy driving conditions. Because their kit package does not increase ground clearance by itself.

Unless you combine it with tires that have larger inches. Additionally, the lift kit is suitable for a variety of vehicle suspensions.

e] Fab-tech lift kit.

This lift kit package has a reputation of being high end. Their package offers a variety of choices in terms of the number of inches you need to elevate your vehicle height.

The height ranges from 2-inches to 12-inches. Further, their packages also caters for a change in the size of tire inches. This helps to improve the ground clearance even further.

The best lift kit manufacturers reviewed.

If your interest is in giving your ride a little height boost, this is a list of brands you could consider.

a] Pro Comp.

This brand originates from the United States of America. The company was founded in the year 1992. Meaning that it has been in operation for approximately 30 years.

They major in the production of off-road and on-road aftermarket suspension accessories. This changed after sometime when they started producing car lighting equipment, tires and wheels.

b] 4Ws.

They are based in Missouri United States of America and their specialty is off-road auto parts and accessories. Some of their main parts are inclusive of driveshafts, winch accessories, replacement axle parts, suspension lift kits, steering stabilizers and motor mounts.

c] Rough country.

They are an automotive parts and accessories manufacturer from Tennessee. They major in the production of automotive accessories.

Some of their main products are lift kits, wheels, wheel spacers, steering stabilizers, brakes,, performance chips, tires, driveshafts and throttle body spacers.

d] Ready lift.

Their lifts are so popular amongst consumers. That’s because their lifts offer factory like appearance. Also because their lift kits allow for the installation of bigger wheels and tires.

They specialize in the manufacture of suspension lift kits and they also provide shock absorbers and car leveling products. Additionally, the company started in the United States of America in the year 2006.

e] Daystar.

They are a major manufacturer of automotive interior and exterior accessories, winch lines, airbag cradles, suspension and body lift kits. Additionally, they also manufacture levelling kits and recovery ropes.

Major features of the best lift kits

The following are some of the major things that someone who’s got interest in the best lift kits should take into considerations.

a] Lift height.

Suspension lift kits offer a body sitting height increase as well as higher ground clearance. But the body lift kits only offer a change in the body sitting height.

This affects some things such as the ride handling capacity and the tire size. Further, there will be an effect on the vehicle speed, vehicle comfort and weight.

b] Compatibility.

Since there are major differences amongst the different car suspension systems, the ”one fits all” doesn’t apply. The lift kits will have to be specifically suitable for your type of vehicle suspension system.

Apart from the vehicle suspension system, there are other factors about your vehicle that you will have to consider. For example, the vehicle body, design, make, and the chassis design.

c] Installation.

The suspension lift kit involves a complicated installation process. Meaning that you will require a professional’s input during installation.

However the body lift kit is DIY [do it yourself]. Meaning that you can install it without the help of a professional.

More information about lift kits.

The goal of acquiring the best lift kits is either aesthetics improvement or better ground clearance. But this decision will also depend on two types of lift kits;

  • Suspension lift kits.
  • Body lift kits.

Simple enough, right?

Well it’s deeper than that.

Today’s article is going to explore a number of things that concern the increase of vehicle ground clearance. We are going to look into terms that are commonly used in this field and you’ll leave here having been enlightened.

Suspension lift kits vs Body lift kits

Firstly, lets compare the suspension lift kits and the body lift kits. This is in terms of how they work in relation to ground clearance and the costs that each of them involves.

a] Suspension lift kits.

The vehicle’s suspension system is an intriguing vehicle component because of the important role it plays. Different vehicle suspension system parts work together to improve vehicle comfort, handling and weight support.

How do suspension lift kits work?

Basically, they replace or extend the suspension system that’s in place within the vehicle. This raises the vehicle’s body up to the level you desire.

The cost of undertaking this suspension system modification is relative to whether you DIY or seek professional help. It is highly advisable to seek a professional’s input in this case.

Further, suspension lift kits alter the center of gravity. That is, for every inch that you raise the car’s height, there will be an equal change in the center of gravity.

b] Body Lift kits.

When you install a body lift, you will notice that it will increase the distance between the body and chassis. The most common method of achieving this is by using spacers.

A great advantage that the body lift kits have is that you can DIY their installation. The fact that a professional doesn’t have to be involved will give you a cost reduction advantage.

Since body lift kits have a smaller effect on the center of gravity, they do not have a great effect on handling. Simply because the change in center of gravity is half the amount of height increase.

Comparison between the body lift kits and suspension lift kits.

The suspension lift kits usually add to the vehicle’s ground clearance while the body lift kits do not add any ground clearance.

Secondly, installing a body lift kit doesn’t require a professional but a suspension lift kit will need one.

Suspension lift kits are more costly in terms of labor and parts but the body lift kits aren’t as costly.

Lastly, it is possible to use a suspension lift kit with different tire sizes. But the body lift kit relies on you to change tire sizes in order for your car ground clearance to improve.

Leveling Kits.

Leveling kits are a feature that optimizes the front suspension system components. There are two different stages when undertaking a front suspension system upgrade.

  • Entry level.
  • Intermediate level.

Leveling Kits are under which class of lift kits?

They are usually considered as suspension kits. They are strut spacers that will increase ground clearance for the front suspension.

In fact, when undertaking a ground clearance upgrade, you can combine leveling kits with either body or suspension lift kits. The result will be an aesthetic effect alongside better towing capabilities.

Combining a leveling kit with a body kit will achieve an increase in ride height and ground clearance. Another advantage of this will be better control and handling.

a] Leveling kits entry level option.

A combination of this leveling kit with a body lift kit or larger tires is one way of increasing vehicle ground clearance. However, using this leveling kit by itself will only provide your car with a body height change.

The use of the entry level kits option will involve adjusting the CV axle angles and extending the ball joints. If they are not properly installed, they could lead to damage, increased wear and tear of the front suspension system components.

b] Leveling kits intermediate level option.

It’s design favors the type of front suspension set-up which is independent. When compared to the entry level option, this one offers a higher height allowance.

But that does not include the vehicle’s ground clearance height. However, this kit has the capacity to improve vehicle handling because it allows for an increase in suspension travel.

This attribute is a result of replacement control arms that are part of the intermediate level kit. Additionally, this kit comes with differential relocation brackets which ensure the CV axles are not overstretched.

We ain’t done yet.

The kit also comes with additional shock absorbers for the independent front suspension. Their main function being to improve damper control. Hence increasing the vehicle comfort.

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