The Best Types of Body Kits | Car Body Kit Material.

It’s possible to improve the car’s standard appearance using some of the best types of body kits.

So, if you are looking for an opportunity to improve your vehicle’s aesthetics then you are at the right place.

The vehicle’s body presents a large field for improvement using the variety of body kit materials available in the market.

For example, you may need to change the cover of the bonnet or get a front air dam among others.

Let’s face it, the factory installations lack a touch of your personality which you can stylishly apply without undergoing much cost.

Hence the reason why you may want to incorporate a few improvements of your own.

For you to make the right decision you have to find out the best types of body kits.  

Body Kits in totality come in different materials.

The materials vary in terms of appearances, strength, durability as well as costs. 

So, let us go through each type of body kit and assess their strengths and weaknesses.


This is one of the best types of body kits because it consists of a reinforced metal.

In fact, the metal receives transformation through a polymer material.

Which means the polymer consists of carbon atoms built up together to form an attractive end design.

This reinforcement makes the material very strong and light-weight.

Carbon fibers have a unique appearance as a result of the procedure they undergo during production.

Additionally, their appearance needs no extra improvements. So, you can install them while they’re straight out of the box.

The downside of this body kit material is that it is very costly.

Because, its production process is very costly in comparison to the other body kits.


The best types of body kits of Polyurethane

This is another type of body kit that is very popular but a bit difficult to produce.

Because of this difficult production process, the polyurethane body kit is a little bit expensive.

But high costs should not deter your efforts in improving the vehicle’s aesthetics.

This material is very flexible because of the components.

Further the polyurethane body kit is lighter when compared to other kits.

But this does not downgrade its lifespan durability.

When compared to fiberglass, this kit is easier to install.

This unique capability is attributed to its component’s flexibility.

Further, it’s able to withstand a little impact because it can bend a little in response to force.   

If you take weight into consideration, the Polyurethane body kit is somehow heavy.

Hence the reason why it is not commendable for aerodynamic improvement body kits.

Another factor that doesn’t make this the best type of body kits is its appearance changes over time.

If you take weather into consideration you see that it is affected by extreme temperatures.


The best types of body kits of ABS Plastic

This type of body kit is a blend of acrylonitrile, styrene polymers and polybutadiene rubber.

Hence the reason why it is heavier than others like fiber glass.

Manufacturers install it on their vehicles because of its capacity to offer protections against dents.

Further, ABS plastic is easy to paint over.


It is one of the easiest to produce body kit.

For this reason, it is not as expensive as the others.  

The material it is made of is resistant to extreme temperatures unlike the polyurethane kit.

Further, it is very light and does not interfere with your aerodynamics as well as the fuel consumption.

Manufacturers use this material for the same reason they use the ABS Plastic.

Because it is easy to paint over.

Well, due to its components, the fiber glass material is very rigid hence making its installation a little bit hard.

Another disadvantage is that it requires extra work in order to appear a bit more appealing.


This body kit is a combination of different materials.

For this reason, it combines each component’s unique characteristic.

This gives it an advantage in terms of durability, flexibility and weight.  

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