How to choose the best types of Engine Oil.

You can find a variety of oil producers that sell different types of engine oil for you to choose from.

Hence it will help you to know them before your mechanic makes a recommendation that sounds perfect for you.

Plus you are able to avoid the suggestions given by most auto repair shops about what else your car needs. Because you know exactly what it needs.

That way you can be sure that you bought the right one for you.

Types of engine oil vary in terms of brands, quantities and weight.

Knowing the best type of engine oil for your car isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems.

Different engines will require you to add a different quantity of oil.

In fact, even the oil change periods vary from one engine to the next.  

Hence the importance of knowing the type of oil that suits your car.

Conventional Oil.

The conventional oil has unique characteristics in terms of viscosity and additives.

It is the standard oil that is mined and goes through refining to improve its viscosity.

It’s made in such a way that it protects the engine to provide a long-lasting effect.

Conventional oil is very pocket friendly.

It is very effective as long as you choose the right weight which affects viscosity.

But this engine oil offers a lesser protection in comparison to the others.

Synthetic oil blend.

This is oil that is made of both natural material as well as synthetic material.

They are chemically engineered to make it more effective than the natural oil.

The additives are meant to improve the oil’s capacity to withstand extreme temperatures.

Its molecular formula is of a better grade hence why it is so effective.

This oil lasts a bit longer than the conventional oil.

Though it doesn’t last as long as the fully synthetic oil.

Types of engine oil

Full Synthetic oil.

This oil has been engineered in the factory through a mixture of additives and chemicals.

It is a high standard oil because it’s additives are subjected to high quality standards.

This oil will cost a higher price in comparison to the others.

In fact, it lasts for a longer period and it provides a higher level of protection.

High Mileage Oil.

This type of oil is made in such a way that it is resistant to impurities.

Though this doesn’t guarantee that the impurities won’t accumulate over a certain period or mileage.

Its components are designed for protection and performance enhancement.  

Further, these components make it resistant to extreme temperatures that may cause evaporation or excess viscosity.

By choosing this type of engine oil, you set yourself up for extra protection.

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