After scouring the internet, we compiled a list of worldwide websites allowing the sale of second hand cars. Have confidence that the websites we’re going to mention bellow will connect you to the right sellers and buyers.

In this article, not only will we mention the platforms that allow sale of second hand cars but also we will mention the ones that you can buy and import the car’s from.

These Websites allowing the sale of second hand cars usually provide comprehensive information about the listed cars.

This is one of the websites allowing the sale of second hand cars. Apart from selling or buying your second hand car, there is an opportunity for buying new cars as well. started as a vehicle appraisal platform before growing into a marketplace. Once you login, they give you instructions on how to get your car on there for the sale. websites allowing the sale of second hand cars

Further, for the buyers, it allows you to get information about the car being sold as well as the seller. You can assess a dealership’s information that can be useful when making a decision.

They allow you to search different cars according to various parameters like make, model year among other specifications. These specifications allows you to filter through different car categories whether you’re selling or buying.

If you’re buying or selling, the website allows you to go through all the popular brands. Further, they rank different cars according to their different classes. For example, SUVs, electric cars and Sedans.


This website is a trusted marketplace because they’ve been in operation since 1997. A catch for car sellers on this website is that they have to pay a fee to sell to private buyers. They have an inventory of over 3 Million cars both dealers and private sellers. In fact their private sellers tally to over 250,000.

Auto-Trader offers an array of features that let you compare different cars according to their features and histories. Further they give you advice about insurance and the selling or buying requirements. If you’re reselling the car, there are a number of modifications affecting car insurance cover. Hence the reason why Auto-Trader gives advice concerning the same.

You can trade in your car through auto-trader. This is done through car dealerships that are listed on the platform. Simply, enter your trade-in car’s details and then search for local auto dealerships listed on the platform. After conducting an assessment of the offer, you’re required to take the car to the dealership’s premises for inspection within the agreed period.

At auto-trader, the trade-in works by allowing you to get cash or credit to be used in the purchase of another car. Filters applied on Auto-Trader are advanced in that they let you reduce your options based on a number of parameters. For example, engine cc size, make and model as well as the year.

Cars Direct. websites allowing sale of second hand cars

They stand out because their platform offers a range of services that include a combination of car buying, selling and financing.

The financing part consists of the option of getting a car loan to help you get the car you wish for. Further, it allows the users to acquire insurance cover for their newly purchased cars. Also, you can renew your insurance through this website.

Once you have settled on the type of car you want, the website let’s you compare among different listings. This gives the user an opportunity to check out the most affordable one according to your budget.

Just like the other websites allowing the sale of second hand cars, this website offers a number of filters. They also allow you to save any cars that interest you. That way, they can give you an opportunity to go back to your interests without going through too much inventory. Further, the site let’s you see the car’s exterior and interior through uploaded pictures. That way, you get a clear picture of the car you pick.

This platform has been in existence since 1998. They pride themselves in the fact that their automotive data is extensive enough. As a result, this let’s buyers to make an informed decision towards what they need. website allowing sale of second hand cars

This platform hosts a bunch of automotive sellers. Further, this website is preferred among buyers because of their large inventory.

For the sellers, you can just include your car among the other inventory by filling out a few requirements. Afterwards, you select whether you require a free listing or a paid listing. Don’t take the free listing for granted because it reaches over 13 million potential buyers. The paid listing gives you the opportunity to have your car for sale among the top cars on the website.

Further, owns other platforms that list the same inventory. Once you list your car on there is a chance that it will appear on the other sites. For example,, and This exposes the car that you’re selling to many more people through out the world.

A unique feature of this website is that it has a “quick offer” option which lists too car dealers. This quick offer option usually gives buyers an opportunity to access coupons that can be used at the buyer’s selected dealership.

Second hand car sellers can get a few additional features to help them sell their car faster. The catch is, you have to pay an extra amount of money. For this you will get extra photos, free renewal, a 60 day listing and a report about how your listing is doing. As you subscribe more, you get more features.

A successful car sale on this platform attracts a charge. This is very important for the sellers trying to get rid of their second hand cars. website

Since it’s invention in 2006, Car-Gurus has accrued a large number of buyers and sellers for their product listings. They classify their inventory as certified pre-owned, new and used cars. This makes it very easy for new website users to determine what they’re looking for.

A unique feature from Car Gurus is that they keep you updated on any price changes as they occur in real time. Simply because the automotive industry marketplace is a volatile place where things change from time to time based on a number of factors. Further, Car Gurus doesn’t charge anything for listing your vehicle. Yes, it’s free of charge.

Additionally, you can search a car’s current market price on this platform. This gives car sellers the chance to adjust their prices and also it lets you know how much Car Gurus thinks your car is worth. After indicating your car’s worth, the website considers your pricing as either a bad or a good deal depending on what they think it’s worth as well as the price you’ve put on it.

Facebook Marketplace.

This is one of the most preferred automotive market place that allows car sellers to access local buyers. Further, as a buyer, you’re spoilt for choice because the number of sellers on this platform is numerous.

The advantage of this platform is the number of people that have signed up for Facebook accounts. Once an item is listed here, it reaches all of them no matter their location. Further, posting on Facebook Marketplace is free of charge.

When you get a buyer, this platform gives you access to their profile information. This gives you an opportunity to ensure that they are legit.

eBay Motors.

eBay logo

Apart from vehicle buying and selling, they also have a vast inventory of vehicle parts which they ship over to your desired location. Once you get how the platform works, it becomes easier to buy and sell whatever you want.

Further, just like Facebook marketplace, eBay allows you to pick and choose locations that you want your product to be listed. This gives the advantage of being able to sell locally. eBay ensures that they have a list of the most popular cars according to how buyers search for and buy them.

Something to note about this website allowing sale of second hand cars is that there are charges. If you’re selling locally, the website lets you sell for free, if otherwise, there are charges that apply depending on the geographical extent.

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