How to test ignition coil.

performing repairs under the engine hood of a vehicle

An understanding of how to test ignition coil will help you diagnose the issues you’re undergoing in your attempts to start the engine.

New discovery about ignition coil vs coil pack.

Ignition coil cables

Ignition coil vs coil pack is just one of the comparison involving the vehicle ignition system. You can also compare these to distributors and spark plugs.

Spark plug replacement how often.

Spark plugs in an engine

The efficiency of the engine combustion process will benefit when you determine intervals of spark plug replacement how often.

What do bad spark plugs look like?

Mercedes Benz Spark plug

Whenever you face an ignition system issue, you might ask what do bad spark plugs look like in order to determine whether they’re causing the issue.

Fundamental truths about coil voltage.

Multimeter measuring current flow

The coil voltage is among other considerations that you will need to make when making changes to your vehicle ignition system components.

Spark plug torque: All the necessities.

Spark plugs inside car engine

Achieving the proper spark plug torque will ensure a secure fit and prevent issues such as loose or over-tightened spark plugs.